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Nursery: Ducklings

Welcome to Ducklings


     Your Teachers are: 



                 Miss Mallon                                                  Mrs. Massey 



Miss Zammit

Important dates


Bank Holiday   7.5.18

Science Week  21.5.18

Half term Holiday  28.5.18-4.6.18

PD day for teachers  4.6.18

End of Term 24.7.18

General Information: 


Monday: Library Visit 


Wednesday: P.E. Visit (P.M. Nursery)


Thursday: P.E. Visit (A.M. Nursery)


Friday: Forest schools visit 


Every Day: Outside learning


                 Library: Our pupils have the wonderful opportunity to visit our library and begin to share our love of reading by exploring different books! 


                  P.E.: All pupils will need Plimsoles and please make sure they are wearing comfortable clothes that they can move around in! 


                   Forest Schools: All pupils will need Wellingtons and a spring coat! Also please make sure that your child is wearing something comfortable that you don't mind possibly getting dirty! 


                 Outdoor Learning: Spring is here! All children will need  spring coats and Wellingtons! We let our children do outdoor learning every day so please make sure that they have the proper clothing. 

Summer Days and Nights :

Our learning for this term will be "Summer Days and Nights". Through this half-term we will be discussing light/ dark, night/day, Sun and moon, and nocturnal animals.



 We have been reading the book "The Gruffalo's Child" . Each day we have read the story and answered questions. At home please encourage your child to tell you about the story!


 Our ducklings started off this topic learning about shadows. We went out side and traced our shadows. We also traced the shadow of different toy animals. In our role play area we had a dark den





Summer 1 Nursery Newsletter

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