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Important dates


Sports relief week                           WC:23.4.18

Learning project info afternoon            25.4.18 2:30pm

Parents evening             24.4.18 and 26.4.18

class photo                             1.5.18

Bank holiday Monday             7.5.18

Science week                               WC:21.5.18

last day of term                         25.5.18

General Information

Reading diaries

These books are used as a home to school communication  and need to be brought in everyday. These diaries are looked at everyday by a member of staff and any accidents or incidences will be reported in these books for your information.


Library day is Thursday, please return your child's library book every Thursday even if you would like to keep it as it will need to be signed out every week.

Please share a book with your child at least 3 times a week and record this in your reading diaries.


In Summer term reading books and book talk book bags will be handed out to children on Thursdays, each week the children will either get a reading book or a book talk bag. They will be changed once a week at the same time as the library books. 


PE will be on either Wednesday or Thursday, this can sometimes changed to staff training so we suggest you keep your child's PE kit in school all week.


Forest school will be on either Wednesday or Thursday and wellies and waterproofs are needed as we will go out in all kinds of weather.


Home Learning 

Home work activities will be sent home in the first week of each half term. We expect at least 1 piece of home learning each week. Feel free to do more with your child. 



At St-Margaret's we don't have paper Learning Journeys we use an online site called Tapestry. You will need to update your Tapestry app, you were given a sheet on how to do that at the end of Autumn term, but if you are having any problems please feel free to see a member of the EYFS staff to help you. This site allows you to share videos and pictures of any experience you and your child experiences outside of school, and not forgetting their home learning. 



Summer Newsletter

Summer Learning Project 

My Life in Summer.


This half term our learning project will be 'My Life in Summer. We will be learning about how to grow and look after plants. We will be focusing on healthy eating and where food comes from. 


Our talk for writing is 'The Sleep Bee' - please see the link below for the story map. 


Our classroom has gone through another transformation to provide opportunities for your children to explore and discover lots about this new learning project. 

Farm shop role play corner Flower shop                                 Book corner with The very hungery Caterpillar link shelf.

On the farm small world 

Bug exploring corner 


Sparkling Start


Jim our 'Grow It' guy came into school and supported our children to plant their own seeds. Each child has planted Basil and beetroot seeds. Once they start sprouting the children can bring them home and put the leaves on a pizza or in a salad.

Talk for Writing


The children are learning the story 'The sleepy bee'.

The children made actions to go with the story map .

The children made their own story map, they changed some of the characters, we had a sleep cat instead of the sleep bee.

The children then had a go at writing their own story.



Healthy eating


The children have had the chance to explore lots of different fruit and vegetables. Each week they send a slip home with a piece of food on it that they would like to try at home.

The children sorted the foods into healthy and unhealthy piles.

The children also sorted out fruit and vegetables into two piles by their own criteria - like size, shape and colour.

The children made fruit faces with some new fruit they would like to try.

The children made a list of the vegetables they would like in their salad.

Then we followed our list to make our own salad.


We then had a cutting and gluing activity where we had to follow the success criteria to make a healthy lunch box.

Following Instructions


The children had to work as a group to order the cress growing instructions.

We then followed the instructions to plant our cress seeds.

Miss Bird didn't follow the instructions, I wonder if her cress will grow?

Owls think her cress won't grow because she didn't follow the instructions.

Next week in our science week the children will predict and evaluate what has happened to Miss Bird cress seeds. Then we will make a yummy cress sandwich with our home grown cress.

The sleepy Bee story map

Summer 1 Newsletter

Fabulous Finish for our learning project 'Will you read me a story?'


The children were entertained by Tigerlilys Fairy-tale show. The children got to meet Olaf and Cinderella and heard them sing.


The children got the opportunity to ask them lots of questions.


Some children received a certificate from out guests for all the gold stars they had been awarded in class so far. 

Creative writing week


We had the circus come to St Margaret's. We all watched the show it was really amazing.

In our classrooms we made our learning environment into a circus tent, we had lots of opportunities to perform, write and speak about our experiences.


We went to the big top to do a circus skill workshop. We got to tightrope walk and juggle. I think we need to practise a little bit more. So we went into the hall and practised our skills ready for our performance on Friday in front of Robins.


We used our circus experience to write our own book about the circus. We are basing our class book on the story. Kipper the clown. We are going to change the characters in the story to us and we are going to change the circus skills mentioned in the story to circus skills we learnt in our week with the circus performers.


Spring Learning Project


Our learning project this term is 'Will you read me a story?' We will be looking into lots of different fairy tales.


Our new learning environment has the Giant's castle role play corner.

A magic mirror in our writing area

A book corner full of fairy tales.

A small world fit for a king  

Art week



Reception looked at the artist L.S. Lowry


We looked especially at how he used buildings, people and dark colours to portray industrial England. The children discussed how it made them feel and how they could improve L.S. Lowry’s painting. So they looked at mixing primary colours to brighten up his paintings and give a more fairy-tale feel to it.


Wow what a Sparkling start Reception has had to our new learning Project ‘Will you read me a story?’ The children had another visit from our artist Jack Brown. We studied the artist L.S. Lowry, we looked at the dark colours and the buildings and how they made us feel. We then concentrated on one figure in his painting and made a story about how she magically turned into a beautify fairy. We then repainted our L.S. Lowry picture in beautiful bright colours and discussed how this was different and how it made us feel compared to the original L.S. Lowry paintings.


Sparkling Start


As part of our fairy tale learning project we had a touring panto of Peter Pan come along. The children joined in with cheering and booed in all the right places. The children loved seeing Miss Bird and Mr Hedges on stage dancing away. 


Tiffany said, she enjoyed watching Captain Hook dancing, I can dance too do you want to see?

Owen said, Captain Hook is a baddie. The Giant is the baddie in Jack and the Beanstalk, I'm glad we didn't watch that because the Giant would scare me as he shouts FEE FI FO FUM.

The Enormous Turnip 


The children are using talk for writing to learn the story The Enormous Turnip, this is a great story to start with as it has a lot of repeated phrases. 

They have manipulated the story by changing the turnip into another vegetable and also changing the characters that come to help pull up the turnip. 

The children can use this skill to write the story out. 

Challenge Learning in Owls 


Theo drew his own version of The Enormous Turnip story map and wrote a sentence to go with it. 'The old man pulled the turnip' independently in the continuous prevision.

Lola decided she wanted to write her own sums, she asked for some help, I drew out the circles so she know where her numbers should go but then did the rest herself. She used the magic beans to help her work out her own mathematical problem solving.

Rhianna used the knowledge and experience from our artist visit to mix her own colours and make a rainbow of her own.

Oscar made a crown but wrote the names of all the people who can wear it, if your name isn’t on there you can’t put it on.

Our children made up some rules if they were King or Queen for the day. 

Amelia said if she was a Queen for the day she would make everyone ride unicorns and go to the beach instead of school. 

Ava said if she was a Queen for the day she would make boys Princesses and Girls Kings.

Harry F said if he was a King for the day he would have a pet bat and have a party everyday with the whole class. 



Science week


Problem solving

Owls and Robins used their knowledge of heavy and light to solve the problem of the catapult.

We need to get the bean bag as high in the air as possible so it can go over the castle wall.

The children explained that the side of the catapult that is up needs to go down for the bean bag to fly up. To make the side go down we need to put something heavy on it.

I’ve got an idea said Faith I need to find something heavy. This crate and bike is heavy (but it didn’t work very well)

I’m heavy said Ronnie, I could jump on it

Sam said, Amelia-Rose’s didn’t go as high as mine because she isn’t as heavy as me.

If I want it to go over my head I need to jump big said Frankie – Wow it went over my head!

Science Week - Jacks Parachute

The reception children have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and poor Jack can’t climb down the beanstalk with all this treasures. The children discussed how else he could get down without climbing. The children came up with a few interesting ideas:

Amelia – He could use a jet pack.

Harry F – He could use a long ladder

Samuel – He could use a slide

George – he could use a helicopter

Oscar – He could use a parachute

We looked at different types of parachutes and discussed what materials we could make ours out of.

We chose tissue paper, cotton and plastic.

The children predicted which material they thought would be the best to make the parachute out of.

The children then worked in groups of 3’s to make their parachutes, using scissors, hole punches and string.

We then climbed the beanstalk and flew our parachutes to see which one made the best parachute.

The tissue paper flew the best but it broke easily so we decided the cotton or the plastic parachute would be the better option.

Safer Internet Day

The children listened and watched a story about 3 little monsters and how someone had made a nasty comment about their art work on the internet.

The children discussed how this would make them feel.

Sad Unhappy Miserable

We decided to recreate what the little monsters did and made art work and posted it to our parents on Tapestry.

We liked how we used the internet to share things we have done at school with our families.

After we completed our art work we gave each other good comments about our friends art work.

Family Cafe 


The children enjoyed having their family members in class today. The children performed The Enormous Turnip in front of their families. 



Spring 2 

We will be continuing with our Learning Project 'Will you read me a story?' 

We have changed our learning environment slightly to allow children to use their knowledge of fairy-tale structure to start making up their own stories. 

We have created a theater role play corner so the children can act out their stories or use the puppets to retell the stories they have learnt. 

We have the story 'The Gingerbread Man' on our link shelf so as the children learn this story using talk for writing they can use the resources to develop their understanding  of the story more. 


Our story map for the Gingerbread Man. 


Spring 2 Newsletter 2018

Autumn Learning Project

My place in space


The children will spend the first half term making friends and learning about the school. The second half of the term will be based on the book 'What happens when you are sleeping' We will exploring nocturnal animals and the stars. This will lead nicely into Christmas and our nativity that we will perform at the end of term.

Our learning so far


For our sparkling start we went round the school and met all the people who could help us in school. We took photos of them and put them up so we could remember who they were and what things they can help us with. Our key helpers are the three teachers at the top of this page.


We then used those photos to make a pizza face. We did a really good job on Mrs Massey's pizza face.


We also did a week of HIIT in our class, we liked it so much we did it in the outdoor area.

We even got to have a go at the new fitness trail.



Science Week 


The children joined the whole school for a science assembly where a real life scientist came into our school and showed off some amazing experiments. But while we were in class a naughty monster came into our class and left it in a real mess. The monster left us a letter on how to make monster tea. So we decided to have a monster tea party and make some foaming tea. 


The children made some slime and they were able to take some home, so I hope you enjoyed that. 


We also tried out our touch senses and felt inside 3 secret boxes. We had to guess what was inside. We drew and wrote down our predictions. Each box contained an egg cooked in different ways. (raw, scrambles and boiled) The children discussed why they were different but still all eggs. 


Later that week we made snails out of salt dough and then in our first family cafe we decorated them. Thank you to all the family members that were able to make our first family cafe, our next one will be week commencing 11th December. 

Art week


Art week was a perfect start to our next learning project 'what happens when I fall asleep?'

This week we have been working collaboratively to carve pumpkins and then make pumpkin soup.



In the secret garden we worked together with our friends to find all the objects on our Halloween hunt sheet. It was so much fun to do it with our friends than on our own because it meant we had 2 pairs of eyes instead of one.



We made Pumpkin plate faces based on our own carvings. We had to look really carefully at the shapes on our pumpkins so we could cut out card and stick them on our pumpkin plate faces.



We used cut up apples to make pumpkin prints, them we painted on our faces with black paint.



We made firework art with blowing paint through a straw. We found it really hard work but we were resilient and kept going until we got a beautiful display of colour.



For the art exhibition we used a technique that Jack Brown our artist visitor taught us. He tought us how to listen to music and make firework explosions with our pens, chalk and oil pastels. Nice big strokes from the middle of the page.

The parents really enjoyed coming to see the exhibition laid out in our school hall.



Christmas in Owls 

The children has a visit from two Santa elves. The elves played games, sang songs and read a Christmas story. At the end of the visit Owls got a certificate from Santa to say that we were all on the good list and that he will send a little elf on a shelf to keep an eye on us. 


Our elf on the shelf can and kept an eye on us. However he was a bit naughty and he got a little robin toy and used Elsa's power and froze the little robin in an ice cube. The children had to discuss what things would melt the ice cube the fastest. We had so much fun predicting and finding out the answer. we found out that hot water was the quickest compared to a coat and salt. We wrote up our conclusion by drawing pictures and using our Fred fingers to sound out our words. 


We enjoyed our Santa's workshop role play corner. We designed toys, wrapped them up for the children. We wrote cards and letters to Santa and posted them in our post box. 


 We performed our Nativity. The children learned and performed about 8 songs. They all looked wonderful in their costumes and we all enjoyed performing infront of our family and friends. 


We loved inviting our family into our classroom for our Christmas themed family cafe. We listened to a Christmas story and then made Christmas decorations. We also celebrated Christmas with our very own Christmas disco where we had a dance competition and we played party games. 


Spring 1 Newsletter

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