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Summer Term


Our learning project this term is 'My life in Summer'.


The first half of the term we will be concentrating on growing and healthy eating.

We are hoping to grow our own food and explore healthy living choices.


The second half of the term we will be concentrating on what happens at the  seaside.

We are hoping to go to our local beach to explore and then finish off with a trip to the Sealife Centre.


Reception had a wonderful time at Benacre Estate for their fabulous finish. We wend pond dipping, bug hunting and den building. We learnt that the Estate grew peas and rapeseed. Lots of Owls and Robin’s like peas. We build some fantastic dens with our families and friends. Some of us were lucky to find some creatures in the pond, but we all had fun dipping the net in the pond. Our bug and scavenger hunt was very successful we found nearly everything on the list. It was a lovely day and we can’t wait for our next one




Important dates

First day of term 6.6.17

Trip to Benacre Estate  8.6.17

Trip to Lowestoft beach 16.6.17

Family café 2pm 22.6.17

EYFS sports day 11am and stay for picnic 5.7.17

Download your child's tapestry WC: 10.7.17

Trip to Sealife Centre 12.7.17

Summer fair after school 12.7.17

Sparrows nest and beach family day trip 14.7.17 

End of year reports 14.7.17

Transition week to year 1 WC: 17.7.17

Last  day of term PARTY DAY in RECEPTION 21.7.17


Sparkling Start


We went to a local allotment and saw how local and seasonal fruit and veg can be planted and grown. 


We grew our own sun flower and cress. We made cheese and cress sandwiches with our own home grown cress. (we didn't do the traditional egg and cress because of allergies) The children wrote instructions on how to plant a seed and how to make a sandwich. 



Fabulous Finish 


The children had a fabulous time at Benacre Estate. 

We built dens


We went on a scavenger hunt 


We even went pond dipping. 


Now it's time to start our next chapter in our learning with a trip to our local beach. 



Spring 2 


Our new learning project is called 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' 


Sparkling Start

Our learning project 'Why do ladybirds have spot?' is a mini beasts topic. For our sparkling start we will have a visit from the Mini Monster guy. The children get the opportunity to see and touch some unusual mini beasts. 


Before Ed came we made a list of a few mini beasts that we wanted to find out more about.

Ed answered some of those questions in his visit. We found out that the eyes on a snail are called tentacles, that a snail has one foot and his millipede has 250 legs.  

All the children enjoyed their mini monsters experience and maybe you can ask them some questions about their visit.  




Fabulous Finish


We finished with an ugly bug ball. The children dressed up as bugs and we had a exciting ball where we played party games, danced to music and played pass the parcel.


Well done Charlie you were the winner of our best costume.



Newsletter Spring 2 2017

General Information

White reading diaries

These books are used as a home to school communication  and need to be brought in everyday. These diaries are looked at everyday by a member of staff and any accidents or incidences will be reported in these books for your information.


Library day is Thursday, please return your child's library book every Friday even if you would like to keep it as it will need to be signed out every week.

Please share a book with your child at least 3 times a week and record this in your white reading diaries.


Reading books and book talk book bags will be handed out to children on Thursdays, each week the children will either get a reading book or a book talk bag. They will be changed once a week at the same time as the library books. 


PE will be on Thursday, this can sometimes changed to staff training so we suggest you keep your child's PE kit in school all week.


Forest school will be on Fridays and wellies and waterproofs are needed as we will go out in all kinds of weather.


Home Learning 

Home work activities will be sent home in the first week of each half term. We expect at least 1 piece of home learning each week. Feel free to do more with your child. 



At St-Margaret's we don't have paper Learning Journeys we use an online site called Tapestry. You will need to update your Tapestry app, you were given a sheet on how to do that at the end of Autumn term, but if you are having any problems please feel free to see a member of the EYFS staff to help you. This site allows you to share videos and pictures of any experience you and your child experiences outside of school, and not forgetting their home learning. 



Spring 1


Learning Project - Will you read me a story?

This learning project will be based on fairy tales and fantasy stories.


Sparkling start 


We had a few visitors in to launch our new learning project 'Will you read me a story?'

We had Elsa and Anna in the morning. We danced, sang songs, retold their story with figures and did loads of paintings of them.

We had Sleeping Beauty and her prince in the afternoon. They read to us, we made them lots of pictures and we showed off our writing and numeracy skills.



We are really enjoying our new learning environment. We have the Giant's kitchen, inside we can make potions, count the golden eggs and make CVC word out of lettered golden coins.



Fabulous Finish 

We has another visit from our lovely princesses but this time they sang and danced for us.



We all dressed up for the occasion.


Our guests handed out our bronze certificates to those children who have received 10 gold stars on their charts. 



Important dates

Children back to school                                   6.1.17

Dance a Thon                                                    13.1.17

Family cafe                                                       2.2.17 2pm in classroom

Fairytale dress up day                                      8.2.17

Fabulous Finish performance                          8.2.17 2pm in the Hall                   

End of term                                                      10.2.17

Back to school for Spring 2 term                   21.2.17

Autumn 2 


Our Learning Project this half term is 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?' 



Here are some highlights of our learning this half term.

We carved Pumpkins as our sparkling start.

We went on a spooky hut in the secret garden.


We made loads of seasonal food.

We had a wildlife café.

We made leaf man art.

We made transient art out of natural objects.




Important dates

Family café                                               10/11/16

Children in Need                                       18/11/16

School Photos                                           21/11/16

Wildlife café (parents invited)                 8/12/16 2pm

Pantomime trip                                        15/12/16

Last day of Autumn 2                              20/12/16

Our Sparkling Start


We carved a pumpkin.

We went on a Halloween Hunt.

We made pumpkin soup.

We made potions and wrote recipes.  



Autumn 1 - Topic - Do you want to be friends?


Important dates

Start of Autumn 1                                    5/9/16

Family café                                               22/9/16

Parents evening sign up sheet out       11/10/16     

Parents Evening                                      18/10/16 and 20/10/16

Last day of Autumn 1                             21/10/16

Start of Autumn 2                                  31/10/16



Our new topic for Autumn 1


what's that sound?


We will start this topic with a listening walk. We went round the school and listened to sounds. We heard cars, children and the wind blowing the leaves in the trees. Maybe you can go on a listening walk with your child in your local area.

We will be starting with the story 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. It's a story about a family of bears and how daddy bear can't get to sleep.

From this story we will

  • write lists
  • explore sounds from other objects found in our environment
  • find other objects that make noise and rewrite the story
  • use our bodies and voices to make sounds and music
  • make our own music to go with the story
  • record ourselves retelling the story with sound effects
  • Make night time style snacks


If you would like to be a classroom helper or have any expertise with music please let Miss Bird know so we can invite you into our class asap.








Our learning so far.

We've been learning how to use our environment and how to make friends.

We are following our classroom rules.


How to stop, look and listen.

To help tidy up together, and have kind hands and kind feet.

Use our indoor voices.


We also had the opportunity to share our classroom and our learning with our family members in our first Family Café.


We read 'Supertato' and we had lots of supper hero art activities in the classroom. We had a fantastic time and we can't wait for the next one in November.


We made warning signs about the Evil pea.



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