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Your class teacher is Mr Hedges


Your class Learning Support Assistances are

Mrs Nelson                      Mrs Soper             Miss Tomlin

General Information


Reading diaries

These books are used as a home to school communication  and need to be brought in everyday. These diaries are looked at everyday by a member of staff and any accidents or incidences will be reported in these books for your information.


Library day is Thursday, please return your child's library book every Thursday even if you would like to keep it as it will need to be signed out every week.

Please share a book with your child at least 3 times a week and record this in your white reading diaries.


PE will be on either Wednesday or Thursdays, this can sometimes change due to staff training so we suggest you keep your child's PE kit in school all week.


Forest school will be on Wednesday or Thursdays and wellies and waterproofs are needed as we will go out in all kinds of weather.


Home Learning 

Home work activities will be sent home in the first week of each half term. We expect at least 1 piece of home learning each week. Feel free to do more with your child. 



At St-Margaret's we don't have paper Learning Journeys we use an online site called Tapestry. You will need to update your Tapestry app, you were given a sheet on how to do that at the end of Autumn term, but if you are having any problems please feel free to see a member of the EYFS staff to help you. This site allows you to share videos and pictures of any experience you and your child experiences outside of school, and not forgetting their home learning. 


Important dates


Science week      WC: 12.3.18

World book day      1.3.18

Family cafe         22.3.18 2pm 

Easter fair         22.3.18

Fabulous Finish       26.3.18 2pm

Start of Spring 2 term     19.2.18

End of Spring 2 term       28.3.18

Start of Summer 1 term     16.4.18



Autumn Learning Project

My place in space


The children spent the first half term making friends and learning about the school. The second half of the term will be based on the book 'What happens when you are sleeping'. We will be exploring nocturnal animals and the stars. This will lead in nicely to Christmas and our nativity that we will perform at the end of term.

Our learning so far

Spring term

Will you read me a story?

This term our main focus will be on fairy tales.  Our first story that we will learn in spring 1 is the 'Enormous Turnip'.  We will spend the first two weeks over learning the story to the point that the children will know the story off by heart.  We use many activities to help with this process including acting out the story as it is told.  The main tools we use is a story map and actions.


Art week



Reception looked at the artist L.S. Lowry


We looked especially at how he used buildings, people and dark colours to portray industrial England. The children discussed how it made them feel and how they could improve L.S. Lowry’s painting. So they looked at mixing primary colours to brighten up his paintings and give a more fairy-tale feel to it.


Wow what a Sparkling start Reception has had to our new learning Project ‘Will you read me a story?’ The children had another visit from our artist Jack Brown. We studied the artist L.S. Lowry, we looked at the dark colours and the buildings and how they made us feel. We then concentrated on one figure in his painting and made a story about how she magically turned into a beautify fairy. We then repainted our L.S. Lowry picture in beautiful bright colours and discussed how this was different and how it made us feel compared to the original L.S. Lowry paintings.


Sparkling Start


As part of our fairy tale learning project we had a touring panto of Peter Pan come along. The children joined in with cheering and booed in all the right places. The children loved seeing Miss Bird and Mr Hedges on stage dancing away. 

Owen said, Captain Hook is a baddie. The Giant is the baddie in Jack and the Beanstalk, I'm glad we didn't watch that because the Giant would scare me as he shouts FEE FI FO FUM.


Science week


Problem solving

Owls and Robins used their knowledge of heavy and light to solve the problem of the catapult.

We need to get the bean bag as high in the air as possible so it can go over the castle wall.

The children explained that the side of the catapult that is up needs to go down for the bean bag to fly up. To make the side go down we need to put something heavy on it.

I’ve got an idea said Faith I need to find something heavy. This crate and bike is heavy (but it didn’t work very well).


Science Week - Jacks Parachute

The reception children have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and poor Jack can’t climb down the beanstalk with all this treasures. The children discussed how else he could get down without climbing. The children came up with interesting ideas.


We looked at different types of parachutes and discussed what materials we could make ours out of.

We chose tissue paper, cotton and plastic.

The children predicted which material they thought would be the best to make the parachute out of.

The children then worked in groups of 3’s to make their parachutes, using scissors, hole punches and string.

We then climbed the beanstalk and flew our parachutes to see which one made the best parachute.

The tissue paper flew the best but it broke easily so we decided the cotton or the plastic parachute would be the better option.


Safer Internet Day

The children listened and watched a story about 3 little monsters and how someone had made a nasty comment about their art work on the internet.

The children discussed how this would make them feel.

Sad Unhappy Miserable

We decided to recreate what the little monsters did and made art work and posted it to our parents on Tapestry.

We liked how we used the internet to share things we have done at school with our families.

After we completed our art work we gave each other good comments about our friends art work.


Family Cafe 


The children enjoyed having their family members in class today. The children performed The Enormous Turnip in front of their families. 




Spring 2 

We will be continuing with our Learning Project 'Will you read me a story?' 

We have changed our learning environment slightly to allow children to use their knowledge of fairy-tale structure to start making up their own stories. 

We have created a theater role play corner so the children can act out their stories or use the puppets to retell the stories they have learnt. 

We have the story 'The Gingerbread Man' on our link shelf to help promote and develop their understanding  of the story more as we learn it. 

The Gingerbread man story map


Spring Newsletter

Summer 1
Our topic this summer term is 'My life in Summer'.  During summer 1 our topic is 'why are carrots orange?'.  We will have a healthy eating focus linked to this topic where children will be exploring and thinking about different fruits and vegetables.

Sparkling Start

Jim the grow it guy came into Robins and helped them to plant different seeds which are growing happily in our classroom.

'Talk for writing'

This half term the story that we have been learning is called the 'Sleepy Bee'.  The children have learnt it really well and have now innovated the story and created their own class version which is called 'The Sleepy Dog'.

Current story map

Current story map 1

Class version

Class version 1

Summer 1 news letter

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