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Summer Term - Paws, Claws & Jaws


Welcome back to a new term in Sparrows. This half term our learning project will be Paws, Claws and Jaws! We are going to be exploring pets and animals in the world around us!


For our sparkling start this term we are going to have our very own class pet gerbils to care and look after! The children called them Lilly and Princess!



As artists we have been using a range of materials to create scenes of the Jungle, we had to consider the feature we would need to put in our pictures.




We also used pastels to create our favourite animals!



We have been exploring a range of locations that animals live and what their needs are to survive. We explored Africa and what animals we would be able to see there. Linked to this we had a visitor come for the day to explore African music where we created rhythms and songs. We performed this to our family and friends in an assembly!



Spring 2 - Splendid Skies


Welcome back to a new half-term in Sparrows. This half term our learning project will be Splendid Skies! We are going to be exploring the weather, changes and the world around us!


For our sparkling start this half-term we are going on a Nature Walk with our friends and family to observe changes we are noticing at this time of the year! What will we need to wear to keep warm on this day?



We have been creating art using a range of materials, considering different types of weather.




We enjoyed our family café with our friends and family, we created weather scenes of our favourite type of weather.




Four our fabulous finish we went Skiing at the Dry Ski Slope in Norwich! Wow this was an amazing experience that the children really enjoyed!





Spring 1 - Superheroes


Welcome back to a new term in Sparrows. This half term our learning project will be Superheroes!


For our sparkling start this term we all came to school as superheroes. We explored moving like superheroes, finding superheroes within our school and create theme tunes like superheroes! We are already off to an amazing start!





   We have been creating our own Superheroes using clay, focusing on the features of our superheroes and techniques to manipulate the clay.




As Authors we have been creating our own cartoon strips considering the speech our characters might say.




We have had a great time this week at our family café, designing our own superhero t-shirts and creating our own heroes! Thank-you to the many family members and friends that joined us for this event!






Autumn 2 - Moon Zoom


Welcome back after half term break to Sparrows. This half term our learning project will be Moon Zoom... We have already had Aliens land in our classroom!


The Aliens left green slime, silver foil balls and sparkly footprints for the children to investigate! We need to find out where these Aliens have gone! This half term we will be finding out and learning lots of exciting facts about space, planets and the history of space.


On Friday 4th November we had a visit from a Planetarium, where we will be finding out come very exciting facts.



As authors we created our own Space stories, considering traditional features of writing a story!


Our family café this half-term was an afternoon with our friends and families exploring space! We decorated planets and astronauts using a range of resources and learnt how to colloboratively play a range of space maths learning games!




As Scientists we collaboratively created simple tests to see how we could get a balloon to fly the furthest. Could this be a way we could get the Alien back home?





Autumn 1 - Dinosaur Planet


Welcome back to a new and exciting school year in Sparrows! This half-term our topic is Dinosaur Planet... We have already had a visit from our friendly Lowestoft Dinosaurs!


For our class sparkling start we went on a dinosaur hunt around the school to see what evidence we could find that Dinosaurs had been in our school!

We found bones, food, fossils, foot prints and Dinosaur eggs!


Our family café this half-term was a brilliant craft afternoon with our friends and families. We created a range of Dinosaur eggs, pictures and stories.



We have been recreating roles as dinosaurs considering our movements and control as Dinosaurs are very scary creatures!



       We have been using our imagination to recreate our own dinosaur stories using the books we have been exploring so far this term. We planned them collaboratively with our friends then wrote the full version.



Basic information


White reading diaries

These books are used as a home to school communication and need to be brought in everyday. These diaries are a form of communication and any accidents or incidences will be reported in these books for your information.


Our class library slot is Wednesday, so please return your child's library book and home reading book every Wednesday. Please read with your child at least 3 times a week and record this in your white reading diaries.


PE will be on Wednesday and Friday mornings, this can sometimes changed to staff training so we suggest you keep your child's PE kit in school all week.


Forest schools will be every other Friday and will fit in with our topic this term so if your child can have wellies in school at all times please.


Important dates for your diary this term


Summer 2 starts                           Tuesday 6th June

Family café                                    Wednesday 21st June 2pm

Sports day                                      Monday 3rd July 1:15 - 3pm

Africa Live Trip                               Friday 7th July (all day)

Last day of term                             Friday 21st July



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