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Year 2: Kingfishers


Hello, the year 2 team were pleased to welcome everyone back after the summer break today. We had a fantastic day full of different Muck, Mess and Mixtures! The children used all of their school values today, they were collaborative- working as team.Creative- artwork made by blowing paint. Curious- asking questions and making predictions. Resilient- not everyone could win the games ! Responsible- all of the children were using this value throughout everything they did both in and out of class.Reflective- thinking back to what they did and discussing which scientific words matched their learning. We are so proud of how they conducted themselves today. A fantastic start to the new school year well done everyone!


Welcome to our class page! This half term our topic is 'Beat, Band, Boogie' We have lots of exciting learning planned such as making musical instruments, investigating sound and forming our own marching band!

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Autumn 2

Children in Need

Thank you to everyone for coming in dressed up and for your kind donations to Children in Need! Keep an eye on the school Facebook page to see how much we raised!

Family Cafe

Thank you to everyone who joined us for family cafe! 


Science 1
Science 2
We have been learning about writing instructions. We had a go at following a set of instructions to make a balloon drum. We decided that instructions need to have pictures, numbered steps and a list of equipment. The kingfishers said that instructions also need to be clear or things might go wrong!
For our sparkling start we watched Stomp! which inspired us to make our own music. We started by walking around the school grounds finding different everyday objects that make a noise. We then became geographers and used a map of the school to plot our journey and mark where we found interesting sounds. In the afternoon we formed our own kitchen band and made music using items such as spoons, trays and a biscuit tin!
Autumn 1

Super Science!

Super Science! 1
Super Science! 2
Super Science! 3
Super Science! 4
The Kingfishers have had fun working collaboratively to investigate how much cargo a boat can carry before it sinks. We discovered that the boats could hold lots more of the lighter cargo. We also found out that the boats sank quicker when the cargo was all loaded onto the same part of the boat.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Family café last week!

Sparkling Start

The Kingfishers went on a treasure hunt around school! We worked as a team and used a map to help us find the treasure. We found lots of exciting things related to our new topic. We wrote some fantastic recounts of our treasure hunt during creative writing!
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