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Year 2: Kingfishers


Hello, the year 2 team were pleased to welcome everyone back after the summer break today. We had a fantastic day full of different Muck, Mess and Mixtures! The children used all of their school values today, they were collaborative- working as team.Creative- artwork made by blowing paint. Curious- asking questions and making predictions. Resilient- not everyone could win the games ! Responsible- all of the children were using this value throughout everything they did both in and out of class.Reflective- thinking back to what they did and discussing which scientific words matched their learning. We are so proud of how they conducted themselves today. A fantastic start to the new school year well done everyone!



We have been identifying and sorting materials, like glass, wood, plastic and metal. We have been talking about materials that are transparent and opaque

Opaque means that you can't see through it. Transparent means that you can see through it. 


We have been learning to solve addition problems using a number line

We need to start with the biggest number and jump along the  number line. We need to label our jumps and mark where we land. 


We have been experimenting with melting solids. We had butter, chocolate and marshmallows. We had to make a prediction about what we thought would happen: would they melt? Which would melt first? How long would it take? Next we carried out the experiment. Then we wrote our results. We compared our results with our earlier predictions. 



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