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Year 2: Kingfishers

Welcome to Kingfishers 2017/2018!

Your teachers are Mrs McKoy and Ms Harvey.


Our new shared reading books this term are by Ronda Armitage and we shall be using these as our introduction to our next part of our ILP features of a seaside - lighthouses.

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We are so proud of how Year 2 conducted themselves through their testing week . They showed all of our learning values to keep themselves motivated through the week. They were focused, resilient, very responsible and clearly reflected back on their learning to show off all the skills they have developed.

Sleeping with the sharks!

We have our amazing overnight stay at the Sea Life Centre coming up at the end of term so the children and families have been kindly helping us to raise funds through a cake sale , and on a lovely hot day a spontaneous lolly pop sale! Don't forget our next cake sale is on Wednesday 16th May. Thanks for all your support. We are not really sure who is the most excited Year 2 or the staff!

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After circus week we wanted to keep up the children's excitement so the first week back was our Sparkling Start where all of Year 2 and their families were invited to the beach. The day was full of adventure, art,exploring and a surprise waggle and wave from a landing helicopter! The children and adults alike all enjoyed the day and the children were engaged from start to finish. The next day they recounted their trip and it was a pleasure to hear them chat about all the fun they had and how much they enjoyed their outdoor learning experience with their adults.

Creative Writing Week: Mystery under the Big Top!

What an exciting week at St Margaret's! The circus came to see us and we loved it! We used this as stimulus for our own creative writing. We got be real authors this week when we wrote our circus mystery stories! It was hard work - we had to plan our ideas, develop our characters and vocabulary. Then we had to draft our story, edit our story and publish our stories! Whew!

We are all super proud of our books that we wrote and illustrated ourselves - just like real authors do!






We have never felt fitter in Year 2! Every day this week we have been challenging ourselves to get fitter. Everyone has worked hard and tried their best. We are all super fit and strong now, well done Mighty Year 2!


Science Week

We have spent Science week exploring what makes things grow. We planted some grass seed, some beans and a 'mystery seed'! We knew that we needed to give them soil, sun and water if we wanted them to grow. We have been watching them closely and keeping a seed diary each day. We are all a little bit excited that the grass seed has finally started to grow!! 




Science Week

This week we explored things that are living, dead or no longer living. We went on a walk around our school and classified the things we saw into the 3 categories. 

We then looked further into living things and how they survive. We investigated animal habitats and how animals adapt to survive in certain places. For example, polar bears have thick layers of fat and fur to keep them warm in cold places. 

Finally we chose our favourite animal to paint in their own habitat. 



Our friends and family joined us for a family cafe all about keeping safe on the internet. We talked about how important it is to have an adult with us when we are on the internet. We made some posters about keeping safe on the internet. As always, we had a great time working with our families!


Hello, the year 2 team were pleased to welcome everyone back after the summer break today. We had a fantastic day full of different Muck, Mess and Mixtures! The children used all of their school values today, they were collaborative- working as team.Creative- artwork made by blowing paint. Curious- asking questions and making predictions. Resilient- not everyone could win the games ! Responsible- all of the children were using this value throughout everything they did both in and out of class.Reflective- thinking back to what they did and discussing which scientific words matched their learning. We are so proud of how they conducted themselves today. A fantastic start to the new school year well done everyone!



We have been identifying and sorting materials, like glass, wood, plastic and metal. We have been talking about materials that are transparent and opaque

Opaque means that you can't see through it. Transparent means that you can see through it. 


We have been learning to solve addition problems using a number line

We need to start with the biggest number and jump along the  number line. We need to label our jumps and mark where we land. 


We have been experimenting with melting solids. We had butter, chocolate and marshmallows. We had to make a prediction about what we thought would happen: would they melt? Which would melt first? How long would it take? Next we carried out the experiment. Then we wrote our results. We compared our results with our earlier predictions. 




Today we had a visit from Tesco's. They taught us how to make muesli. We had to measure carefully using a teaspoon (small one) or a tablespoon (large one) and put in porridge oats, bran flakes, sunflower seeds and sultanas. In the afternoon we wrote a recipe for 'How to make muesli'. 

Art Week!

What a fabulous time we had drawing fruit from observation during art week. We had a specialist art teacher come to teach us. He showed us how to look carefully - look, draw, look, and how to add detail, drawing whet we actually see. not just what we think we saw!


Today we celebrated finishing our shared reading book - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. We learnt how to draw owls and completed a retelling of the story for our independent writing. 

We are now starting to read The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. 


What fun we had using Now Press Play! We listened to a story and we acted it out. We had to focus on what we were hearing and what our bodies needed to be doing. 


We are exploring electricity for Science Week. We are learning about how electrical circuits work and how we can make a bulb light up. 



To launch our new topic 'Towers and Turrets', we were visited by a real knight. He showed us how to dress like a knight and talked to us about all the things a knight was expected to do, as well as how a knight should behave. 

Did you know, a knight did not carry a shield? 

He had his armour for protection instead!



We had a great art week. Our special art teacher, Jack Brown, taught us how to use paints and brushes responsibly. We learnt how to control a brush and about primary and secondary colours. We were inspired by the French painter Claude Monet. We wanted to create sunset castle paintings, a bit like Monet's Houses of Parliament painting. 

We experimented with mixing different colours to create a good sunset sky. We decided that the best combination was blending yellow into orange, into red, then into blue/ purple. We are really proud of our sunset castle paintings. They were on display at the art exhibition for everyone to see!  



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