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Year 3: Magpies

Welcome Back

Wow the children have only been back a few days and already they have learned so much! They have investigated and organised a history timeline and had an introduction to The Cave Men, Beaker People, Iron Age and The Romans. 

Today our intrepid Cave Folk ventured into the secret garden where they cooked on an open fire, built dens and created their own cave paintings. We were only there for a few hours and already we have decided that it could not have been easy to be a Neolithic man!



Welcome to Magpies!


Meet our classroom team...Mrs Ffrench class teacher and Miss Lancaster LSA.

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This term our topic focus are Predators! From terrifying sharks to ferocious big cats this unit has so much exciting and engaging content to really entice our young learners.

Over the past two weeks, Woodpeckers have been getting their teeth into everything predator!


We've linked our English to the children writing a recount of their year two trip to Thrigby Hall where they saw a bunch of wonderful animals, predator and prey alike. 


The children began maths by exploring 'Predator Top Trumps' to see how some predators compared in speed, size or even aggression.


Meanwhile in topic they each recreated their own predator devouring some prey. Gruesome stuff! 


Our Sparkling Start took place yesterday where the children were up close and personal with the birds of prey!


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Thank you to everyone who was able to come our family cafe. The children enjoyed listening to the old classic Funny bones. This book was chosen as they have been investigating skeletons in class.There was an opportunity to make a jointed skeleton, a picture in the style of an x-ray and to create a skeleton picture out of art straws.



It was really fun in class when they were given bones from 2 different skeletons and asked what they made. The children were engaged and initially came up with some amazing weird and wonderful creations!



The children have been working hard these last few weeks to deepen their knowledge of their topic. They have used atlases to find the UK and the 7 continents, discovered that animal habitats are different depending on where they are in the world as well as discovering how to up-level their language by using a thesaurus . The children have also been very creative , they have  practiced their drawing skills by sketching owls and  this week they  have enjoyed creating a habitat for their sketched animal to live in! 




This week we have been investigating plants. The children began by carefully drawing and labeling a plant. Three identical plants were placed in the same place but in different liquids, water, oil and coloured water. Each day the children have been looking through their scientists eyes and recording the changes that are taking place.


The children have been collaborating together on various  projects . They worked well as a team to investigate different continents and their natural habitats and animals. 


They were also incredibly confident when they wrote and presented their own speeches within small groups. The children assessed one another and gave constructive advice on how to improve.



This morning we were lucky enough to have a visit from The Africa Alive Roadshow. The children were able to handle a spiny mouse, snake as well as the Madagascan hissing cockroach. They were also able to touch various skulls, teeth and other exciting objects!
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