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Year 4: Finches

Welcome to Finches! 

Teacher - Miss Kennedy 


Summer 1


Our learning project during the Summer Term is 'Road Trip USA'. We are excited to become explorers of both geography and history. Year 4 are excited to travel through time and learn about the Iroquois tribe and how they have an impact today. We now have a new topic book to help us with this topic! We will also investigate human and physical features of American states in order to compare it to Lowestoft and the UK. This topic will allow us to delve deeper into British Values and SMSC as we consider democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of others. 

We are very excited for our Sparkling Start where we have some Native Indians in school to join us! Remember your attendance matters and you need to be in to experience the Sparkling Start!



PE will be on Monday alternating with Forest School. This can sometimes be changed so we suggest you keep your child's PE kit in school all week.  


Finches will be attending gym every Wednesday afternoon. They will need to bring in their regular P.E. kits to school on these days.

Forest School

Forest School will be on alternate Mondays. Wellies and coats are needed as we will go out in all kinds of weather. 

Home Learning 

Homework activities will be sent home every week. We expect at least 1 piece of home learning each week. Feel free to do more with your child. 

Times Tables

By the end of year 4, the children are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12. Please support your child with learning their times tables. If you need advise on how to support your child, please arrange a chat with me. Each week the children will be focusing on a specific times table that is suitable for them to allow for them to develop their rapid recall. 


Key dates;

Monday 16th April- Back to school

Tuesday 17th April- Sparkling Start  

Monday 23rd April - St Georges Day!

Monday 23rd April - Shakespeare's birthday.  

Monday 23rd April to Friday 27th April- St Margaret's Sport Relief week

Tuesday 1st May - Class photo Day

Monday 7th May - Bank Holiday. 

Monday 14th May to Wednesday 16th May- Residential to Kingswood

Friday 25th May - Last day of Summer 1. 

Tuesday 5th June- Back to school

Summer 1

To start off our topic, we had a visit from American West, who shared stories, songs, and artefacts from Native America. The children were engaged from the start and were very curious throughout- they said we were the most curious children!


Did you know if your hair was in 2 plaits, it meant that you were single but if you had a single bunch at the back of your head, it meant that you were married! 

Another fact that we learnt is that Native Americans would not kill, but in fact would just harm. In order to win a war, they would play a game of lacrosse although this isn't like the game we're use to! It could last for up to 7 days, a playing field of 2 miles by 7 miles, no referee and as long as the teams were equal it didn't matter. Again, you weren't allowed to kill, however to win, your team needed to be the last one sleeping! If the other team had all fallen asleep, or you were holding down a few people, it means you'd win! 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience, they were all engaged and excited to begin our new topic!

St Margaret's Primary Academy Circus! 

The circus is coming and Swifts are very excited about being able to watch and even learn some skills! This week we will be focusing on our writing, so keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and here to find out all about Swift's experience in the Circus! 

Snow Day Home Learning


With the "Beast from the East" making it difficult for staff and children to get to school, we would like the home-learning to be linked to our learning next week. A message has gone out on Marvellous Me, but please see the attached home-learning for the activities the children need to complete for next week's learning opportunities. 

Thank you for your support. 

World Book Day


Due to last weeks snow storm we decided to celebrate World Book Day this week! The children came to school dressed as their favourite book character or in their most comfortable PJs. 

The children spent the afternoon listening to a variety of short stories to really engage their imagination.

Finches looked wonderful in their costumes! 

Weather Reporting


This week we have been making sure our home-learning is purposeful by continuing the learning within our English lessons in school. Finches worked collaboratively in groups, just like a real television show! We had a director, a recorder, a news reporter, an interviewee and a weather forecaster. After creating our scripts, we then used Green Screen technology to pretend that we were in the studio. The children were curious (asking questions about their learning including green screen), responsible (staying on task), creative (using a different form of media to present their work), resilient (never giving up even though weather reporting is tricky), collaborative (working with their groups to produce a script accurately) and reflective (editing and improving their vocabulary and stage directions). 

Next week, we will be using our understanding of play-scripts, screenplays and news scripts. Enjoy watching our weather reports below, I'm sure you'll be impressed like us! 

Weather report

Still image for this video

Weather report

Still image for this video

Weather report

Still image for this video

Weather report

Still image for this video

Spring 2


This week year 4 have been learning about “Changes of State” within solids, liquids and gases. We have used our scientific knowledge of melting and freezing points and worked collaboratively to produce our own sample of Fair Trade chocolate. In preparation for this session, year 4 were curious as we discussed “Where does chocolate come from?” and “what is it made from?” We identified Ghana as a main supply of cocoa beans and observed the lives of Fair trade farmers from the Kuapa Koko cocoa bean farm. The children were fascinated to learn about the average weekly wage of non-Fairtrade farmers compared to the average British child’s weekly pocket money!


This week has been a wonderfully creative and reflective week as the children have been able to discuss their ideas with one another, creating debates and posing opinions. The children also had a great time using their scientific knowledge to melt and mix their own ‘brand’ of delicious chocolate!





Welcome back Finches for another exciting half term. I hope you all had a restful half term holiday and are looking forward to concluding our 'Potions' topic, working hard and having fun! 


Spring 1


Science Week!

It's that time again where we put on our safety goggles and lab coats and become scientists for the week! 

This week Finches’ have been learning about sound, what it is, how it travels and how we could possibly stop it from travelling. We identified various animals who have impeccable hearing and discussed why they would evolve that way. We even made string telephones and investigated how they worked, the children loved them!

During our final day of science week we investigated how to soundproof a room using various materials. The children worked collaboratively to produce some wonderful ‘rooms’ aka boxes, and we tested the experiment using music from the iPad.



Family Cafe!

This half-term Finches focused on E-Safety and discussed with their loved ones how they stay safe on the internet. The children were very aware and insightful about the possible dangers and rules we abide by in order to stay safe online. Thank you to all the family an friends who attended this term's family cafe. We couldn't have done it without out you and we hope to see you next half term for more fun activities! 



Art Week!

During our Spring Term art week, year 4 were visited by a local artist who developed their painting skills.

To match our topic 'Potions' we looked at a famous artist named Yves Klein. He was famous for using his own monochrome paint colour in his work called "International Klein Blue".

The children created their own paint colour and used it to decorate their potion bottle sketches.





R.E day


This half term we looked at inspirational people within Islam by focusing on Muhammed.

"God chooses for Himself who he pleases and guides to Himself those who turn to him." The children looked at what it meant to be a prophet and he reasons as to why he was chosen. "He was chosen by Allah because of the kind of person he was!".

The children came up with some examples of his character when reading his stories, such as that he was responsible, caring, friendly, generous and truthful. They even had a chance to write Muhammed's name in Arabic. "I can't believe I actually wrote in Arabic!". 

We also took an interactive tour around a real-life mosque. "A mosque is a holy place, like a church, they pray for 5 times a day!" From this, we created our own silhouette pictures of mosques. 

The children were responsible and understanding of different religions and cultures throughout the day.


Welcome back Finches!

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We have had an exciting couple of days to kick off 2018. We invited 'Mad Science' Dr. D.N.A and Prehistoric Paul in to introduce our 'Potions' topic with a BANG!

The children were amazed by the chemical and physical reaction experiments they were able to collaboratively participate in. They were curious learners as they developed their understanding, asking and answering questions set forth my Dr. D.N.A herself! Our 'sparkling start' has inspired our writing and upcoming Art Week.




Autumn 2


Christmas Carol Service


On Monday 11th December, St. Margarets Primary Academy performed Christmas classics at St. Margaret's Church. Year 4 performed a wonderful rendition of Jingle Bell Rock for their family and friends in the audience.

Finches wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We shall see you all in 2018!

Winter Wonderland Science Week!


How can I keep warm in winter?

During Science Week, Finches were learning to set up simple practical experiments, comparative and fair tests, looking at insulators and conductors. 

The children predicted which insulator they believed would be the best and collaborated to plan their experiment. They set up their enquiry using 4 cups, 3 insulating materials, a stopwatch and a thermometer, carefully taking accurate temperature readings every 5 minutes, just like real scientists!



Cousteau Ambassadors! 

From our fascination with Jacques Cousteau, we now have the opportunity to become Cousteau Ambassadors. We have four aspects that we need to cover. 


  • Reporting and presenting where we come from and what natural habitats surround us! 


  • Showing what nature has to offer us around our local environment. 


  • Researching how to protect the natural habitats and what can be done to protect it better! 


  • Producing a poster with the information we have learnt, to share with everyone. 

We have been lucky enough to visit our local beach to observe natural habitats and discuss what we can do to protect them. Ask your child about our natural habitats, how many can they come up with?


Art week


During Art Week we have been focusing on our sketching skills and how to add detail using shading. We also used different art equipment such as oil pastels, felt tip and water to create some wonderful pieces, these were displayed during in our Art Exhibit.



Investigating Submarines

Finches have been looking at the first submarine designed by Cornelius Drebble. We then compared them to modern submarines, how have they changed over the years? We are using our research and working collaboratively to create ICT presentations.


Autumn 1

Grow it!


We've had a great time out in the garden with Jim harvesting the potatoes we planted last year!




We completed observational drawings of real fish! We were very creative, trying new sketching techniques and curious, asking lots of questions about what we could see.


The Body Coach


We've had a fantastic week completing a HIIT workout everyday as part of The Body Coach schools challenge. It was hard work but we stayed resilient and completed 30 minutes of exercise everyday.


Autumn 1 Newsletter

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