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Year 5: Marsh Harriers

Welcome to the Marsh Harriers' class page!


Teacher: Miss Allott 

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Smith

1:1 Support: Miss Hoggett


Important dates for the Autumn term

Friday 7th October and Monday 10th October 2016 – PD days.

Tuesday 18th October 2016 – Parents' evening

Thursday 20th October 2016 – Parents' evening

Monday 24th October 2016 - Half Term


Autumn 1 Newsletter

The Black Death

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed the start to their History based topic for this half term - our theme of Pestilence, Peasants and Princes is based on the Bubonic Plague of the 14th Century.


The children have already 'met' pestilence - a mysterious figure who swept through their classrooms spreading the terrible plague at every turn!


In addition, they have already impressed the Year 5 team with their enquiry skills as they are all so keen to find out more about this tragic period in British history.


Important Dates

 We are all very much looking forward to sharing learning opportunities with you at our Year 5 Family Café on Tuesday 20th September at 2pm until 3pm - in the Year 5 classrooms!

The Bubonic Plague Home Learning



It has been lovely to see just how much the children are enjoying their topic learning and how they have been sharing this at home through dedicating themselves to their home learning projects. Just look at the creativity which has gone in to the creation of their various rats!!


The Marsh Harriers' now have a very impressive rat collection which just keeps on growing...!

Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats!

Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats! 1
Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats! 2
Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats! 3
Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats! 4
Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats! 5
Rats, Rats - Everywhere Rats! 6

Marsh Harriers Do It Themselves!

Marsh Harriers Do It Themselves! 1
Marsh Harriers Do It Themselves! 2

                                                                  Grow It!


Recently, all the children at St.Margaret's were pleased to welcome representatives of the Grow It project to school for the launch of our new growing garden. As part of the introduction, children learned about how to create growing beds, how to decide what to grow in their garden and they also got the chance to do a bit of DIY - putting the beds together using specially adapted power tools! We are now all looking forward to planting in the new beds and collaboratively caring for our grow it garden!

Autumn 2 Newsletter



                          We are stargazers!


The Marsh Harriers' class assembly is on Wednesday 7th December at 2:45pm - we really hope you can join us !


The astrodome paid the Marsh Harriers another visit this term but this time they had the opportunity to have fun with forces! They were curious to know how different forces such as gravity work and how enough thrust is created to launch rockets into space. They had fun experimenting with pellets of dry ice which they put into sealed containers and waited for the tops to explode - simulating the excitement of a rocket launch inside the astrodome!


Investigating asteroid strikes.

Investigating asteroid strikes. 1
Investigating asteroid strikes. 2
Investigating asteroid strikes. 3
Investigating asteroid strikes. 4
Investigating asteroid strikes. 5
Investigating asteroid strikes. 6
The Marsh Harriers planned a science investigation to answer the question of which weight of object would have the most impact upon hitting the surface of a planet. Discussing their experiment together, the children decided how to make their experiments a fair test and then set about testing different weights of 'asteroids' in a mixture of cocoa powder and flour. The practical experiment raised lots of questions about how to ensure it was fair which meant the children had to reflect on their actions and revise their approach as necessary - to make absolutely sure a fair test was actually taking place.

Google comes to St.Margaret's!

Google comes to St.Margaret's! 1
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 2
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 3
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 4
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 5
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 6
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 7 i-Pad with prompting questions and images
Google comes to St.Margaret's! 8 A virtual reality device.

Google came to St.Margaret's and gave all year groups a chance to experience some exciting virtual reality!


Year 5 got the opportunity to visit the solar system! Unfortunately, as fantastic as it would be, the year 5 staff can't take the children on a school trip to the stars so... we did the next best thing and invited Google to provide the children with a virtual reality experience of a lifetime! Every child had an android phone which was placed into a special viewing box which allowed the children to be completely immersed in what was put on to the phone screen via an i-pad controlled by Miss Allott.


The children were guided through the solar system, getting a full 360 degree experience as if they really were in space! In addition, thought provoking questions were asked of the children to ensure their full engagement with this experience.


The Marsh Harriers would like to say a special 'thank you' to Mr Gook for working hard to organise such an exciting event for all at St.Margaret's - we loved it!

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