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Year 5: Marsh Harriers

Welcome to Marsh Harriers!


Teacher: Miss Rudd

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Smith and Mrs Cubitt


Our learning project this half term is Stargazers! We will become rocket scientists, learn about gravity, air resistance and the equipment needed to build a rocket. We will be building our own rockets and launching them!

Autumn 2



We have been investigating thermal insulators. We found out that a thermal insulator is a material that stops heat travelling so easily helping to keep you warm, like the insulation in our homes. We investigated the best thermal insulator by wrapping cups of hot water in different materials. We used thermometers to take regular readings throughout our investigation. Of the materials we tried, newspaper was the best insulator as it kept the water the warmest.




In English we are learning to write with persuasion. We have written fantastic arguments and counter arguments for why we should be allowed to play in the snow!


'Many people think that having a snow day is lot's of fun but it distracts education and could have a disastrous effect on the children!'


'Admittedly the risk of injury is high as we could slip and harm ourselves however if we use the grit salt facilities given to us and wear wellies to prevent slips we will not get hurt.'


'Many people may think that playing in the snow would distract us from our education and we would lose learning time but the facts state that 72% of Marsh Harriers can't remember the last time it snowed.'





We've had a fabulous afternoon investigating Craters! We began by looking at the 5 different types of crater and discussing the difference between them.


We then researched impact craters and how their size varies. We were given the statement 'An object of different weight will make the same size crater whatever height it is dropped from'. We worked in teams to come up with a prediction, consider how we would make the test fair and to carry out our investigation.

Children in Need

Art Week


We had a great week exploring different drawing techniques! We were very fortunate to have a visit from Jack Brown, an artist, who helped us develop illustrations for our book covers. We began the week by sketching our initial ideas, then gained feedback from our peers to develop our sketches further. We then applied our new skills to producing our final piece!



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