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Year 6: Hawks



Welcome to Year Six (Hawks) 


Teachers: Miss Brereton and Mr.Hunt 


Autumn 1 - Frozen Kingdom


Our learning for this project began with a visit from a real-life Arctic explorer, Mr. Hall. He talked to us about the dangers he faced when visiting Greenland and he let us explore some of the equipment that he had to take with him. All equipment was 'light-weight' but when put inside his bag, they made for a very heavy rucksack! Some of us got to lift it so we could see exactly how heavy it was. We also explored the different types of shelters that are used when out exploring and a snowstorm suddenly strikes. We even had a go at putting up a lightweight emergency shelter that can be used in a small snowstorm.  



Another amazing experience that we have been able to participate in is going to the Time and Tide Museum to take part in the 'Titanic: Honour and Glory' event. Here we got to meet people who sailed on the Titanic and experience what life was like for them. We became a member of the upper class and learned to dance the Waltz. All of us looked very smart in our bow-ties and long, black gloves! We became a member of the crew and learned to scrub the deck, bow or curtsey to important people as well as salute the captain whenever he was on deck. Finally, we got to explore the belongings of some of the passengers and used what we found to infer who they were and why they might have been traveling to New York on the Titanic. 





Sparkling Start

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Titanic: Time and Tide Museum

Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   1
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   2
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   3
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   4
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   5

Dates to remember


Tuesday 7th November - Parents evening

Thursday 9th November - Parents evening 

Thursday 16th November  to Tuesday 21st November - Bookfair

Monday 20th November - Individual photos

Tuesday 19th December - End of term

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