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Year 6: Hawks

Welcome to Year Six (Hawks) 


Teachers: Miss Brereton and Mr.Hunt 

SATs Information for Parents


Below is a link to the government's website which provides information for parents and carers regarding the upcoming end of key stage SATs.

Y6 Non Negotiable checklist for writing

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Y6 students explain how the use the Non Negotiable checklist in class.

Spring and Summer Term - A Child's War. 


This term, our topic will be focusing on WWII. 


We began our topic by looking at why the war started. To do this, we worked in groups to investigate the reasons why Germany invaded Poland as well as why this led Britain to declare war on Germany. Within our groups, we all took on different roles and recorded different information which we then shared with the other members of our group. 


As well as this, we looked at the famous leaders of Britain (Winston Churchill) and Germany (Adolf Hitler) at the time. 

After finding out about the actions, both positive and negative, these leaders made during the war, we debated which of them was actually the better leader of their country during this period. 


Following this, we took on the roles of the Allied and Axis troops for the D-Day landings. Within our groups, we either had to defend or attack the beaches thinking about the best strategy that could be used to advance our position. 


Shared Reading


This term, our shared reading text is Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian. It focuses on the relationship that a young evacuee, William Beech, forms with the bad-tempered, anti-social guardian he is given. Despite Tom's gruff exterior, he treats Willie with kindness and understanding helping him to overcome some of the traumatic incidents that he experiences. 


We will be using this text to help us with our written learning which will be focussing on us writing our own historical novel. 



Autumn 1 - Frozen Kingdom


Our learning for this project began with a visit from a real-life Arctic explorer, Mr. Hall. He talked to us about the dangers he faced when visiting Greenland and he let us explore some of the equipment that he had to take with him. All equipment was 'light-weight' but when put inside his bag, they made for a very heavy rucksack! Some of us got to lift it so we could see exactly how heavy it was. We also explored the different types of shelters that are used when out exploring and a snowstorm suddenly strikes. We even had a go at putting up a lightweight emergency shelter that can be used in a small snowstorm.  



Another amazing experience that we have been able to participate in is going to the Time and Tide Museum to take part in the 'Titanic: Honour and Glory' event. Here we got to meet people who sailed on the Titanic and experience what life was like for them. We became a member of the upper class and learned to dance the Waltz. All of us looked very smart in our bow-ties and long, black gloves! We became a member of the crew and learned to scrub the deck, bow or curtsey to important people as well as salute the captain whenever he was on deck. Finally, we got to explore the belongings of some of the passengers and used what we found to infer who they were and why they might have been traveling to New York on the Titanic. 





Sparkling Start

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Titanic: Time and Tide Museum

Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   1
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   2
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   3
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   4
Titanic: Time and Tide Museum   5

Shared Reading

This half term, we have been reading the text Northern Lights as a class. The children are really enjoying this book and have been asking lots of questions to improve their knowledge. We can't wait to see what Lyra gets up to next

Home Learning


Home learning will be given out daily so it can be completed and returned by the following day. We would appreciate your support in helping your child to complete these activities as they are critical to their academic development and will promote our Learning Value of responsibility. In addition, to support their mathematical development, it is essential that times tables are learned and practised at home on a regular basis.


Daily reading of 15 minutes should be completed and recorded in Home/School  Dairies previously provided. Children who complete daily home reading and home learning will be entered into a raffle and will have the chance to win a prize at the end of the week.


PE and Forest Schools

Children will have P.E. sessions on Tuesday and Friday. For children to participate fully in these sessions, it is essential that they have their PE kit with them on a daily basis. In addition, children will be partaking in Forest School sessions on Friday. Please ensure they have welly boots or other appropriate shoes available in school for these sessions.

Dates to remember


Tuesday 7th November - Parents evening

Thursday 9th November - Parents evening 

Thursday 16th November  to Tuesday 21st November - Bookfair

Monday 20th November - Individual photos

Wednesday 22nd November - Year 6 SATs reading workshop

wb 4th December - Science week

wb 11th December - PIRA/PUMA testing

Friday 15th December - End of term

Wednesday 3rd January - Start of term

Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February - Half term. 

Monday 15th January 2018 - Year 6 parents timestables and maths workshop. 

Monday 16th April - Friday 27th April - Easter half term

Monday 7th May - Bank holiday

Monday 14th May - KS2 SATs testing week

Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June - Half term


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