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Year 6: Honey Buzzards

Over the last two weeks, year six have continued with their exciting topic of World War 2!


First of all, we started by  watching the blitz recreated in slow motion, and came to understand how bombs cause damage. 


From there, we evaluated a range of materials, and decided how they could be used to create our own bomb shelters. The objective? Create a replica shelter that could survive a punishing bombardment of tennis balls.


Subsequently, at our Family Cafe, we drafted our families to help us build them. They took heavy damage, but the majority survived, and two were even able to hold Mr Thorne's weight!


Picture 1

Having looked at how people protect themselves, we began to investigate what it would take to protect an entire town. 


Children came to understand the dangers of the Blitz, and predicted what might be useful in surviving an air raid. We were all surprised and horrified when we discovered what occurred during an air raid. 


Having been given a budget, and slips describing the options available to  planners defending towns such as Lowestoft; the children had to decide what items to take in order to defend a town like Lowestoft. Some children quickly realised that no one thing worked alone, and successful defence was a result of a network of observers, communications and defending air craft. 


Mr Thorne was especially pleased with the ordered, well laid out work that was produced:

Picture 1
Picture 1

Honey Buzzards


Teacher: Mr Thorne.


It has been very exciting to get to know the children, and we look forward to a jam-packed final year at St Margaret’s Primary Academy. Already, we have a lot of learning to show for our short time back, and are busy curiously exploring our topic...


A Child’s War!

Kicking off this year, the children are learning about the experiences of people from Norfolk and Suffolk in World War 2. They enquired about how they might feel if they were asked to leave home abruptly, and without knowing where they were going to end up.


We continued by visiting the Poppy Line from Sheringham to Holt, and the children were evacuated. They were treated as children from the 1940s would have been, and didn’t like being shouted at for forgetting their gas masks!




As we forge ahead, the children will be using this experience to generate a letter, written in character, as an evacuee. We expect it will be full of fascinating details, which reflect the children’s learning.


      Home learning


The children have all received a home learning pack; including stationary and tasks which must be completed. The children are to complete one task a week, which is due in each Thursday, and should be completed to a high standard in their home learning books.


Should children need any additonal support, they should seek out any of the year six team for support, as they are only too happy to help.



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