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WC: 1.6.2020 Planes

Have fun with your learning this week and don't forget to post your home learning on your Tapestry page. We do really love to see what you all have been up to. Keep up all your hard work.


This week we are continuing to learn about types of travelling for our learning project Tremendous Travel. 

This weeks next form of transport is airplanes

Our story this week is Amazing airplanes by Tony Mitton 

Follow the you tube link to hear the story being read. 


Communication and language


Ask these questions and encourage your child to answer in full sentences

Have you been on a plane before?

Where did you go?

Where would you like to go on holiday?

At the end of the book where could the airplane have landed?


You could play airport bingo

You could either watch the 'Amazing Airplane' story and see if you can get a line on the bingo board.


You could write the pictures on pieces of paper and pick them out of a hat and see who is the first to get a line on the bingo board. 



You could make a bingo board up yourself and draw pictures of what you think you will see in an airport. 

Physical Development 


Pencil control 

Try using the correct pencil grip and letter formation to write these airplane words. 



Movement Cube 

In the document link below is how to make a movement cube (like a dice) and on each of the sides are different ways you could move like a plane or an helicopter. You roll the cube like a dice to see what movement you need to perform. Maybe you can make one and make up a routine. 



In the document below is a short story called 'My new plane'

Read this with your child and then ask the 3 questions afterwards. 

The 3 questions are comprehension questions to help them understand what they had just heard. 



Write a postcard from your chosen destination

Draw a picture on the front and write what you could have done on your holiday on the back, don’t forget to say ‘wish you were here’




Make a plane run way

Can you make yours fly the furthest

Can you have 3 planes and add together your points to make a total



You might need to make the numbers between 1-10 or 1-20

Shape Space and Measure 


Time and clocks



Time to get up for the flight.

Time of the flight.

Time you arrive at the destination.



2D shapes 

Can you make a plane picture using 2D shapes?

Can you name the 2D shapes?


People and communities 


Can you fill in the following flight boarder pass of somewhere you have been with your family 


a place you would like to go with your family



Maybe after you could draw a picture of what you think your chosen destination would look like. Maybe you can use the internet to have a look at some pictures of your chosen destination to help you. 

The World 


Pick a destination and record in any way you want why you would like to travel there and who with.  





Download a flight tracker app. (Air Traffic- Flight Tracker) look out for planes flying near your house. Can you spot a plane flying overhead? Where it is going?

Exploring Media


Using the instructions below make the following paper planes.

Which one flies the furthest?

Which one flies in a straight line? 

Which one do you think is the best and why?



Being Imaginative 


Can you make a plane using junk modelling or house hold items. 


Here are some ideas 


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