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18.5.20 Buses

Have fun with your learning this week and don't forget to post your home learning on your Tapestry page. We do really love to see what you all have been up to. Keep up all your hard work. 

This week we are continuing to learn about types of travelling for our learning project Tremendous Travel. 

This weeks next form of transport is.... 

you wait at a stop, you need a ticket and you ring a bell to make it stop. 

Did you guess? Its a bus!! 

Our story this week is Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. 

Mrs Roscoe is reading it on Tapestry on Monday morning and there is a youtube video here.





What manners should you use on a bus? Do you know the rules? What do people say?


Communication and Language 


Can you learn the song Wheels on the Bus using your singing hands?

Physical Development 


When you are out for your daily exercise can you be on the look out for bus stops? How many can you find? 

Literacy - Writing/Mark-making


Make a bus story – Take photos of one of your toy vehicles in different places and make up an adventure for them.



Make some road signs with card from cereal boxes and lollipop sticks - you could stick the bottoms into playdough/plasticine or blue tack to make them stand up.



Literacy - Reading

Make some story stones to help you sing the song or tell a bus story


Can you find any other stories about buses?



Can you make a bus from an egg box and use your people to get on and off?

each time count how many people are left on the bus.



How big is a Double Decker bus? Can you measure it out in your garden or in the park?

People and communities 


Ask your grown up if they have ever been on a bus?

Where is the furthest place you have travelled to on a bus?



The World


There are many type of buses in the world.. 

They have things that are the same such as they all help people travel but they are also different, maybe the colour or height. Have a look at the different types of buses. Can you look for similarities and differences? Can you find any more pictures?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



Can you use your tablet or a mobile phone to make a photo story or a video with a toy bus or car like the Naughty Bus story.

Exploring Media and Materials

Make a bus picture: Draw pictures of your friends to go in the windows of the bus.



You could paint a bus...




You could make a bus out of old materials...


Or you could make a bus out of large boxes....


Which one would you like to build? 

Being Imaginative


Can you create a funky, fun and happy dance to this naughty naughty bus beat?

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