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WC:27.4.20 Bicycles

Have fun doing all the learning - but don't forget to post photos of you doing the activities on your Tapestry Page.



This week we are continuing our Topic - 'Tremendous Travel'. This week we are  going to explore the next form of transport – it has two wheel… can you guess? Yes it’s a bike! Our story focus is 'Mrs Armitige on wheels' by Quentin Blake. Miss Roscoe is reading this on the bedtime stories on our school website. 


Here is a link to a story teller:


 This bike needs..’

What else could you add to your bike? Can you think of something she couldn’t? Lots of children want to be outside at the moment - Talk to your child about what they can add to their bike and where they can go with it in the future. Then think of why you might need all the things on your bike.  


                     PSHE Jigsaw 

Communication and Language 

Play the game Simon says but say Mrs Armitage says… Take it in turns to be the caller,

Discuss the rules of the game and how you feel if one of you broke the rules.


Physical development 


Go on a family bike ride or learn to ride a bike,


Could you ride your bike around the garden and add what you think your bike needs?


Or if it's raining maybe you could build a bike out of objects in your home.  










Reading - pick one of the activities to do after reading 'Mrs Armitage on wheel' or another story of your choice. 


Design a bike and label it.


Write a few sentences about why your bike is special and different to everyone else’s.


Make a poster on how awesome your bike it and share it on Tapestry for us all to see.





Mrs Armitage had to buy lots of items from the shop to add to her bike. In our maths this week we are going to add items that she brought from the shop together.  There is adult support in the word document on how we teach this to reception children using concrete (items you can hold) and pictorial (lines you can draw) methods. 



Can you use shapes to make a bike? 

Chose from the list 

circle, triangle, square or rectangle. 

How many shapes can you see in this bike? 


Understanding the World 


Use the internet with a grown up to find out about the different types of bikes and what people use them for.




Expressive Arts and Design 



Mrs Armitage packed fruit in here basket, like apples and bananas.


Can you make a healthy fruit salad with the fruit you like?

You can pick whatever fruit you like…

Here are some options:










How can you add your pet to your bike safely?





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