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WC:4.5.20 Cars

Have fun doing all the learning - but don't forget to post photos of you doing the activities on your Tapestry Page.

This week we are continuing our Topic - 'Tremendous Travel'. This week we are going to explore the next form of transport – it has four wheels… can you guess? Our story focus is ‘Duck in the Truck’ by Jez Alborough. Please follow the you tube link to hear the story being read out.


What do we use cars for?

Where can you go in a car?

Can your child name different types of vehicles with four wheels?

During COVID-19 lockdown we haven’t been able to travel as much as normal.

COVID-19 bear has some questions you could discuss with your child about traveling during COVID-19 lockdown and what they might like to do/go after lockdown.

Where would you like to go after lockdown?

Maybe you can share these answers to help your child make up their own mind.

Communication and Language


Retell the story ‘Duck in a truck’ using toys and mud


Maybe you can change the ending of the story?

Physical Development



Make a vehicle out of garden or home items




Can you make different track lines in your playdough?

Can you describe the different tracks?



Maybe you could take your mucky cars and trucks and wash them up in warm soapy water.





Maybe you can make a story about a car of your own using your toys.

Maybe you can write your story down in your own book.

You could use some key words/phrases like once upon a time, next, then and suddenly.



All the key words in the story have ‘ck’ in them

Can you make some words using the following sounds ‘ch’   ‘sh’    


Rhyming words

Duck and truck rhyme

Can you think of any more words that rhyme with duck?

Is it dog or is it muck?

Is it cat or is it stuck?

Can you think of any words that rhyme with cat? (mat, bat, hat or sat)



Understanding the World


It is important we encourage our children to looks closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change in the environment around them.

How has this lockdown affected the environment?

How has it affected the number of cars on the road?

Encourage the use of words that help children to express opinions, e.g. ‘busy’, ‘quiet’ and ‘pollution’ etc.


Expressive Art and Design

Paper plate duck truck


Lollipop stick trucks and ducks


Painting with trucks

Make different patterns with different types of vehicles wheels.


Make different styles of vehicles from Lego



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