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Autumn 1: Belonging

Autumn 1: Belonging


This half-term we have been looking at Belonging and what it means to us.


In English we learnt to re-tell the story of 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson. 

We wrote our own versions using the same text structure. Can you child share their story with you?


In Maths we have begun to investigate place value. We have used dienes to help us represent numbers.

Building on from our knowledge of place value, we have thought about adding numbers together. Can your child show you how they can do this?


In Science we have thought about different living things and their habitats. We discovered what processes a living thing needs to do to be alive. We found 3 different types of animal - herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. We used our understanding of these animals to investigate - 'Whose Poo?'

Can your child tell you what they discovered?


In Geography we have found and labelled the different countries in the UK. We even identified the capital cities. We found Lowestoft on a map and discovered that it is in a county called Suffolk.

Can your child tell you a fact they remember about any of these places?


In Art we have found out about an artist called Pablo Picasso. He was most famous for the art he created in the cubist period. Cubism is when the artist paints an object, like a bottle, from lots of different angles all in the same picture. So you see the front, the back and the sides of the bottle at the same time. In a way, it’s a bit like having x-ray eyes!

We created portraits in the style of Picasso. Can your child tell you what they liked best?

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