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Spring 2

 "Life in Lowestoft " has been an exciting topic for the children. We began by  exploring where our school was and looked at a local map. We used Google Earth to see the local area. The children labelled what they saw on their own map.
 Making leaflets about Lowestoft was a great success this term. They looked amazing and had some very interesting facts in them bringing all of their local learning together.
 The children learned that when our school first opened it was called Church Road School. They were very surprised to find that it had moved buildings and changed it's name over time. They then compared homes from the past to the present and discussed the changes that had taken place and whether they were improvements or not.
 In science the children explored seasonal changes and how it affected the trees in particular. They created some beautiful paintings based on this. 
 The children loved using clay this term. They practiced their skills by making  salt dough leaves first and then moved on to using these skills to create their own clay fish.
In Maths we looked at measuring using cubes and then moving on to cm. We also looked at capacity and how to tell how full a container was.
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