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Autumn 2: Global Citizen (Sweden)

During this term, we looked at Sweden as part of our Global Citizens topic. We identified where Sweden and the UK was. We discussed the local community and sorted them into physical and human features. 

Our main focus was the Vikings. We sorted historical events into chronological events before sorting a viking timetable. We learnt about the viking home-life and how it differs to today's world. For example, the vikings had a fire in the middle of their home so they can stay warm and also have light! 



In D.T. we made our very own longboats. We had to measure and saw wood carefully. With help, we then had to stick the wood together. We designed our own sails and some added shields to the side. The shields would be put out when the longboats made their way into port so the vikings could protect themselves. 



In D.T, we also made our very own gingersnaps, also known as Pepperkakor. We worked in groups to measure, mix, shape and cook the gingersnaps. We had a lot of fun making them but the best part was getting to eat them and share them with our family! 


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