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Nightingale Academy

St Margaret's Primary Academy

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Light and Dark

Light and Dark

This term we explored Light and Dark - We read a book each week and found out different things about Night and Day and Light and Dark.

Owl Babies

We read 'Owl babies' we explored small medium and large and did lots of size ordering activities. We found out that owls are nocturnal and have a beak and talons. They hunt at night for their prey. We watched some videos of owls flying and catching their prey with their talons. baby owls are called owlets.

I am Bat

We read 'I am Bat', which is a really funny story that we  loved. We learned lots about Bats - they are nocturnal and use echolocation to fly around in the dark without hitting anything. They eat all sorts of different food depending about the type of bat they are and their babies are called batlings.

Light and Dark Art

We have experienced lots of different types of Art. We looked at Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Sky picture and read Katie and the Starry Sky. We used loose parts to recreate the painting. We used fairy lights and torches and looked at the patterns the light made on the paper and used crayons to recreate them. We also took part in The Big Draw and all the children made a feather with wax crayons and brusho to make a 'huge' picture in the hall with feathers from all the children in school.
The Moon and Stars
We read 'Whatever next' 'The man on the Moon' and lots of alien stories. We find out about the moon and stars and even had a SpaceRocket to play in.

Retelling Whatever Next with props

We built a Spacehip in the classroom!

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