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Week beginning 5.1.21

Lesson 1:

This Half Term, our first writing genre will be Diaries.

Today, we will be exploring and immersing ourselves with different examples of diary entries and thinking about; "What are they used for? Why do we keep them? What is written in them?"

Your task today is to follow the instructions on the Teacher Notes PDF and answer the questions on the worksheet. It would be great if you could talk about these diaries with your adult if possible.

Don't forget to choose your level of challenge, either the Mild sheet or the Hot/Spicy sheet.

Lesson 2

Today we will be looking and identifying writing features of a diary entry!

Yesterday, you read examples of different diary entries and thought about what you liked or did not like about them. 

Today you will be watching a couple short clips on youtube and reading a special diary entry to link with our new topic! - Video links : and 


Read the PDF Teacher notes to start and follow the instructions.

Read the special diary entry and follow the instructions to complete the task.

Remember to ask questions if you need help.

Lesson 3

Good morning!

Today we will be learning about Past and Present Tense. Diaries are written in past tense because they tell the audience about things that have already happened.

- Read the Teacher Notes Powerpoint.

- Complete Task 1.

- Then choose your challenge from Mild, Hot or Spicy.

Upload your work to Teams using 'Assignments' and press the 'Turn In' button.

You can also complete learning on paper and send a photo via 'Assignments' and press the 'Turn in' button for Teacher feedback.

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