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Home Learning


Year 1 have been working incredibly hard on their writing skills whilst learning at home. We have been looking at the stories of The Three Little Pigs and The Enormous Turnip. 

First we learnt the story off-by-heart using talk for writing, we then considered what was similar between the two stories and what was different. 

The children were asked to change two parts of the story. They changed a character and then the vegetable was changed from a turnip to a veg of their choice. 

This is Sophia's idea...


Once we had changed the characters we then went on to learn about the features of a newspaper report. The children were asked to come up with their own ideas about what they would be reporting on. They were asked to use a heading, opening sentence, pictures and paragraphs. 


Lucy wrote a fantastic news report about a farmer who grew a jumbo parsnip. 

                                   Phonics and Reading

During our daily video calls the children have been continuing to practice their phonics and reading.

Each day we learn and recap new sounds, we practice the sounds and learn to read and spell words using our 'Fred Fingers'. 

We use the speed sound chart to help us know which spelling to use. 

 These are some of the books we read. 


Lucy had a go at writing the split diagraph a-e...


During lock-down we had a reading den competition, look how beautiful Eva's den is! It's full of wonderful books for her to enjoy.


World Book Day was on March 4th. The children had the chance to enter a competition to design a potato book character.   This was India's entry. A beautiful potato princess!


We LOVE Maths at St Margaret's, since Christmas we have been looking at numbers to 50! We know one more and one less of numbers to 50, greater than, less than and equal to and we have  been learning to see numbers in tens and ones and compare them. 


Look at Malachi's learning on greater than, less than and equal to...



Sophia had a go at representing tens and ones.


The children have displayed some amazing learning when working from home, we have enjoyed science and religious education, we learned about seasonal changes and Christianity. 

We compared the amount of day light hours in all four seasons, we also looked at measuring different types of weather, such as rainfall and wind. 

Here is Mason's rain gauge, he used a plastic bottle and stones to fill in the space at the bottom so he can measure the amount of rain accurately.

This is Mason's rain gauge. He used a plastic bottle and stones to fill the spaces at the bottom to ensure he would have an accurate measurement of rainfall. 

Mason enjoyed making the rain gauge so much that the next day he made a wind sock too!

Brilliant Topic learning Mason!

                              Our Lockdown Experience

The children have been so busy enjoying their home learning but they also squeezed in lots of family time too. 


Rihanna made biscuits with her family, yummy!

Aria made a snowman with stick arms.



Grace had lots of fun in the snow throwing snow balls. 

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