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Lockdown 2021 Little Red Riding Hood

Hello Aspen and Rowan, our first story this term is Little Red Riding Hood. 



Have you read this story before? Can you remember how it begins? Who are the characters in this story? How does the story end? 


Here is a link to our story. See if you can follow along.


Personal, Social and Emotional 


In our story, Little Red Riding Hood takes a basket of food to her grandma.

Can you make a picnic for your family in your house and have a picnic together?

Talk to your grown up about what you would pick and why.

     Explain what food you like the best and why. 

Parents: Please take pictures and upload your family picnic onto your child's tapestry. We would love to see. 

Communication and Language


Lets retell our story of Little Red Riding Hood

Can you act out and retell our story? Will your story have a different ending? Or will Little Red Riding Hood stay on the path? 

This is your story with a twist, we cannot wait to see them on Tapestry. 


Physical Development 


Press the link below to take you to Little Red Riding Hood yoga


Mr Sharpe has set Reception a challenge, watch the power point and see if you can complete his challenge and maybe beat your personal best. Why not post your results on the school Facebok page or on Tapestry. 


Mr Sharpe's Challenge

Cutting skills

If possible print Little Red Riding Hood's cutting skill sheet

You will find Little Red Riding Hood's basket and a selection of delicious food. Cut out what foods you would like to take to Grandma and stick in the basket. 

If you can't print out the sheet look through magazines and newspaper to find food and dishes you think Grandma would like and cut them out and stick them on a paper plate or put in a basket for Grandma. 

Little Red Riding Hood Cutting Skills

Coin rolling 


To improve handwriting your child needs good fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.  

Have a go at this coin rolling game. 





Link to our RWI page on our website - resources - books


Phonics game 



RWI webpage for parent guidance, lots of helpful things on here also a link to RWI lessons on ‘you tube’


Press link below for RWI lessons on you tube


Other helpful links on you tube

Set 1 sounds on you tube (for all Reception children)


Set 2 sounds on you tube (For Miss Bird/Mrs Witte/Miss Lapthorn’s RWI groups)


Once the children have learnt some sounds, we teach them to blend the sounds together to read words.

Please play the Fred games


Word document below



Please see the PDF document below the handwriting phases to help you form each letter correctly

Handwriting Phases

Reading Den Challenge 


Do you think you have what it takes to win my reading challenge? Well we shall see!

What you need to do

Build yourself the most awesome reading den you can and read a story in it. Simple right! Oh yeah, get someone to take a picture of you reading in your den and upload it to teams.


The winner will be chosen by me (Mr L-W). You will receive a certificate and a book, chosen by you, from my reading corner, when we return to school.



Have fun! I look forward to seeing your entries!



Counting skills 

Can you use your 1:1 correspondence skills to count the pictures to find out how many there are. 

Either use the sheets provided in the documents below or draw your own pictures to count.  


Little Red Riding Hood Counting Sheets

If you can't print off the above sheets try this kitchen cupboard sorting and counting activity. 


Maybe on a walk you can pick up some natural items and bring them home to sort and count how many you have collected. To extend the learning go for another walk and add more items to your original piles add them together to find a new total, this is adding. 


Adding Skills 

Count the object in two groups to find a total 

Make two baskets of food for Grandma, count how many objects are in each basket and then add all the objects together to find a total.

try again with different amounts of food. 


There are some adding sheet in the document below

As the sheets go on the adding gets harder


Little Red Riding Hood Adding Sheets

Missing Numbers

Little Red Riding Hood goes on a little journey through the woods can you figure out what the missing numbers are and write them in. 


Little Red Riding Hood Board Game 


Download the board and instructions to play this wonderful game

If you don't have a dice you can download an APP on your phone or write 1-6 on pieces of paper and pick one up to know how many to move. 


if you can not print off the board why not draw your own on paper.  

Little Red Riding Hood Board Game

Understanding The World


Click on the link below to go to the CBeebies site with lots of Little Red Riding Hood activities

There is a story, a jigsaw, ballet moves and meet Little Red Riding Hood or the wolf.


Your child maybe missing their school friends why don't you make some spoon friends 



Or if your child is missing school maybe you could create a school at home 



Your child's and your own welfare is the most important thing during Lockdown. 

Little Red Riding Hood was helping her mother when she went to take a basket of food to her Grandma. Due to COVID we can't visit our Grandma but there is a way to help your mother around the house. You can help sort and count the dirty washing before it goes in the wash. 



Memory Game 


A great way to pass the time and have a break from screen time. 



Expressive Arts and Design 


Paper plate wolf


Musical Chair Painting 


Painting with a difference but it can be done with colouring pencils or crayons


Missing your family why not make a phone to keep in touch. 



After having a lovely walk and collecting lots of natural items why not make some natural art pictures 




Put on a Performance 

Want to perform your favourite story to your family. Gather props, costumes and an audience to show off how well you can recite and perform your favourite story.  Follow the instructions to make it a proper performance. 


Story telling tin 


Don't want to perform but would like to tell a story maybe even create a different story. Follow the instructions in the picture below to develop your story telling skills. 


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