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                                      Mrs Roscoe   Mrs. Massey     Miss Zammit




General Information: 


Monday: PE session 

Tuesday: Cooking

Wednesday: Forest Schools

Thursday: Library Time

Friday: Melodymakers/Story Square

Every Day: Outdoor learning



                  P.E.: All children will need plimsolls and please make sure they are wearing comfortable clothes that they can move around in! 


Cooking: Most weeks the children will cook or bake in small groups, the children who have cooked bring home a small sample of their cooking. There is an opportunity to 'buy' the rest for a small donation for which we are always grateful as it means we can continue this activity.


                   Forest Schools: All pupils will need wellingtons and a waterproof coat! Also please make sure that your child is wearing leggings or trousers and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty! 


                 Library: Our children have the wonderful opportunity to visit our library and begin to share our love of reading by exploring different books!


                 Outdoor Learning:  Our children do outdoor learning every day so please make sure that they have the proper clothing according to the season.


Wonderful Water

This term we are going to be investigating 'Wonderful Water!'

We will be finding out how we use water to keep clean and for eating and drinking. Later in the term we will be going on a boat and travelling on water. We will also be looking at creatures that live under the water and visiting the beach. 

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Tell Me a Story

In the Spring Term we looked at lots of different Traditional Tales. 

We read the Three Billy Goats Gruff and investigated bridges and tasted goat's milk and cheese.

We read Frozen and made ice castles and found out how to make ice cream. We had to rescue some penguins that Elsa had accidentally frozen.

We read Goldilocks and the three Bears and tasted porridge and made a graph of the one we like the best. We also investigated small, medium and large.



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Our learning for Autumn Term was "Tasty!" We learned all about food and explored it through different stories.

We started off by reading The Little Red Hen and finding all about grinding wheat and making bread.

Our next story was The Hungry Caterpillar, we made caterpillars from playdough, punched leaves, made cupcakes and made butterfly feeders with Mr Heffernan in the Secret Garden.








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