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Nightingale Academy

St Margaret's Primary Academy

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Lesson 1


Good morning!

This term our PSHE focus will be 'Dreams and Goals'.

Today, you will be answering "What is a dream? What is a goal? What is a challenge?"

Then you will be setting yourself a goal to achieve for the year 2021!

- Read the Teacher Notes.

- Complete Task 1 then Task 2.

- Remember to submit the assignment on Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, you can take a photo of the learning and upload it to Teams then click "Turn in".

Lesson 2


Good morning!

Today you will be revisiting 'How to be a good friend' in PSHE.

How are you and your friends similar? What makes a good friend?


Read the Teacher Notes Powerpoint

Complete Task 1 - Read the scenario cards "What would you do?"

Create a poster about friendship!

Don't forget to upload it to teams so we can see your amazing artwork :)

Lesson 3


Good morning! 

Today you will be thinking about all the things that make you feel happy. We are all different, so we’ll have different ideas about what happiness means to us.

Read the powerpoint and discuss the questions. Then, create a list poem using the worksheet. You can then add illustrations or copy and paste pictures around your poem :)

Make sure to click "Turn in" on Teams so we can see your poems and pictures :)

Lesson 4


Today you are going to be learning how to manage positive and negative thoughts.

Imagine having your very own tiny thought superhero in your head! This Superhero will defend you against unhelpful thoughts and talk back to them with positive words and phrases, making you feel better.

Read through the PowerPoint then draw your own thought superhero and add some super positive, helpful thoughts in the thought bubbles.

  • What will your thought superhero look like? 
  • What powers will they have and what will they do and say?

Have fun and we can not wait to see your drawings! :)

Lesson 5


1) Read the PowerPoint.

2) Complete 3 mindfulness challenge card activities.

3) Choose a mindfulness colouring sheet to print off and colour in. If you can not print, listen to the music and draw a calming picture.

4) Upload photos of you completing your challenge card or a photo

Lesson 6


1) Read the PowerPoint.

2) Complete Task 1 survey by putting an 'x' in the box to show your answer.

3) Design your own motivational poster.

Submit your learning to Teams and take a photo of your poster :)

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