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Nightingale Academy

St Margaret's Primary Academy

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Remote Learning

During Spring term, most of us have been learning from home remotely, and some of our learning has been fantastic! 


We have continued to study:

  • Book Explorers (Little Red Riding hood/Three Little Pigs/The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig)
  • RWI
  • Handwriting
  • Maths (number, shape, space and measure)
  • Art and craft 
  • Music with Mrs Roscoe 
  • Daily PE with Mr Sharpe
  • Children's Mental Health Week 
  • World Book Day


Outside Learning - reception have been exploring the outside world, the children have been building dens, finding natural materials, using natural materials to write names and sounds. 


Mr Heffernan challenged reception to find a range of birds, the children were given a check list and were about to identify the birds.   


The reception children loved playing and learning in the snow. The children made snow angles, snowmen, went sledging and had snow ball fights with their families.  


Over lockdown we have seen some amazing PE Learning and healthy eating, including lots of cooking healthy meals.  


In Maths we have been matching numbers and the amounts. We have explored lots of pattern making, and recapping matching pair, we were challenged with our odd and even numbers too. We have been learning about shapes, 2D and 3D shapes, we have been counting the corners, sides and faces. We now know lots more shapes.  



In Literacy we have been reading a variety of traditional fairytales, we have made wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf to help Little Red Riding Hood find him. We have been watching our RWI videos with our teachers, recapping our sounds and starting to blend CVC words.  


We have had lots of Art and Craft opportunities, we have made paper plate characters such as the Big Bad Wolf and little Red Riding Hood, made and used story stones to create our own stories. We have also made worry dolls to tell all our worries too.  


Some home Music Learning has taken place. 


During Reading week we were set the challenge to build a reading den, here are some of our awesome creations...  


At school and at home we focused on Children's Mental Healthy week - Each day we took the time to have fun, be silly, talk about our worries, laugh and express yourself.  


Marcus celebrated Chinese New Year in lockdown, he made traditional Chinese decorations, food and wore his beautiful traditional clothing.  


We celebrated 'World Book Day' by dressing up as a book characters. We also have been decorating potatoes and made them book characters too. 




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