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Lesson 1


For our new topic, Extreme Earth, we are going to be exploring mountains, volcanoes and rock formations.

Today we will be exploring the 3 different types of natural rock and answer 'What is Human-made rock?'

Read the Teacher Notes PDF

Watch video using the link -

Choose your challenge either Mild or Hot

Complete Task 1

Complete Task 2 - Organising

Then, save your learning and upload to Teams:

'Assignments' and press 'turn in' for teacher feedback.

Or you can complete your learning on paper and take photos of your work, upload to 'Assignments' and press 'turn in' for teacher feedback.

Lesson 2


Today in Science you will be learning about the fantastic fossilisation process!

What is a fossil? How are they formed? What are they made from? Where are they found?

To find out, watch this clip from BBC Bitesize


Read the teacher notes

Complete Task 1 - Match the fossil to the dinosaur.

Complete Task 2 - Complete the fossilisation process either Mild or Hot.

Lesson 3


Good morning!

Today you will be learning about soil, what is it made of? Where does it come from?

Read the slides and then you can go outside to make your own mini compost!


You will need:

  • 1 large, clear, empty soda bottle (cut off the bottom half) 
  • small stones
  • soil 
  • water
  • disposable gloves

Upload a photo of your mini compost to Teams!

Lesson 4


Good morning!

Today in Science, you will be learning about palaeontology (pay-lee-on-tolo-jee) and a famous palaeontologist Mary Anning.

What could a palaeontologist be?

What would a palaeontologist do?

Think about our previous science learning: rocks, fossils and soil to help you.

  • Read through the Teacher Notes PowerPoint to start.
  • Choose either Chilled/Mild or Hot/Spicy reading comprehension work sheet.
  • Mark your answers
  • "Turn in" your learning :) 

Lesson 5


Good morning,

Today you will be researching your favourite dinosaur and create an amazing fact file all about the creature!

•Choose a dinosaur to research

•Use the PowerPoint or the internet to research your favourite dinosaur! Watch these videos to help you.

•Write your facts on the word document and submit it to Teams.

•Or do your work on paper and send the photo :)

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