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Slime by David Walliams

Slime... What is it? How is it? Where is it? Why is it? These are all questions we can find out together as I read Slime by David Walliams. I can't wait to find out about what happens on the Isle of Mulch. 

Listen to a chapter at a time with Mrs Bircham. Sit back and enjoy with your families! 

Isle of Mulch

Below is a map of the Isle of Mulch, where our story takes place. 

History of Slime

Chapter 1- Mulch

Chapter 2 and 3- Beastly Girl and Gunk

Chapter 4- Bogeys under the bed!

Chapter 5- Bath of Doom!

We get to find out what Jemima's evil plan for Ned is! How exciting!

Chapter 6- The Gunk Monster

Chapter 7- Blobby Blob

Chapter 8- A Particularly Noisy Poo

Chapter 9 and 10- Slimeball and Wrath's Rules

Chapter 11 and 12- Blazing Bottoms and Cold Hearts

Chapter 13 & 14- Clockwork Robot and The Most Revolting Toys in the World

Chapter 15 & 16- Giant Jelly Babies and The Perfect Shade of Green

Chapter 17 & 18 - The Book of Park Occurrences and Bottom Banger

Chapter 19 & 20 - Dance to the Music of Slime & Grusome Twosome

Chapter 21-23- Peeved Cow, Ice-Cream Party and Flying Saucer

Chapter 24-26 Kitty Litter Castle, A swarming Sea of Cats and Eaten Alive

Chapter 27-29 - A Cat as Big as a Bear, A Mountain of Moggies, and Setting Sun

Chapter 30 and 31 - Forever and Final Flight


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