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Spring 2: Life in Lowestoft

Spring 2: Life in Lowestoft.


This half-term we have been finding out about where we live - Lowestoft.


In English we looked at the story of 'Flotsam'. It showed a child discover a camera which was washed up by the sea. He looked at all of the pictures and went on a tour around the world. 

We used this to create our own adventure stories. Can your child tell you where their adventure took them?


In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We thought about equal sharing and how all of the parts need to be equal.

Can your child help you divide a cake into equal parts for the family/ Can they write the fraction to represent their part?


In Geography we have been looking at our local area. We thought about where our school is on a map and walked around it to see what buildings and places surrounded it. With this understanding we then created maps to show what we had found. We were able to create keys to help people understand our map.


In Science we have started to look at habitats and micro-habitats. We thought about what an animal or creature needs from the place which it lives.

Which habitats and micro-habitats can you find where you live?

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