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Autumn 2

 Global Citizens

 We began by sharing the Italian folk tail of "The feathered Ogre". It was a   tale of mystery and trickery. The King wrote a letter to the children asking for   their help and in return they wrote a letter persuading the ogre to send the   princess back home where she would be happy.

 The book lead us to investigate Italy. We began by looking at Britain and discovering that we were made up of four different countries and that we were an island. The children looked at a map and then labelled their own, matching foods from each country.
 We then looked at a map of Italy and had a tasting session of Italian foods. There was cheese, hams, olives, bread sticks and juicy sun dried tomatoes.
 The children sorted famous landmarks from Britain and Italy. They then found   out facts about Italy and wrote their very own information leaflet about it.
 In maths the children learned to add, subtract and to identify 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. They have also continued with extending their number knowledge to identifying larger numbers and counting forwards and backwards using them.
 Road safety was a priority for us this term and we looked at the dangers of   crossing a road and how to stay safe on and around traffic.
 We also looked at our RE topic of "belonging". We began by looking at where   we belong , our home, our class and our wider school community. This then   lead us to looking at belonging to part of a group. We investigated what   Jewish people do to show that they belong to a community.
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