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WC:11.5.20 Trains

Have fun with your learning - but don't forget to post photos of what you have been doing on your Tapestry Page. We love to see what you have been working on!

This week we are continuing our Topic - 'Tremendous Travel'. We are  going to explore the next form of transport – you travel to the station and buy a ticket… can you guess? Yes it’s a train! Our story focus is ‘The Train Ride' by June Crebbin.

Here is a link to a story teller:


Have you ever been on a train? What did you see out of the window? How did you feel when the train set off on its journey?

Communication and Language


Play the game 'traffic lights' pretending you are a train. Move like a train using different movements, chugging sounds, can your train speed up and slow down?

Here are the rules:


Move around the space safely.

Explain that red lights mean STOP then the child must stop. Amber lights means GO SLOW and Green RUN FAST. Start with a red light, go to an amber light and then green.

Physical Development

Make your very own train track at home using tape. This one is great for a rainy day. Where will the train tracks take you on your adventure?

Literacy- Reading and Writing


The Train Ride


Can you sound out and read these words from the story?


















Maths- Shape, Space and Measure

You will need paper and scissors. Can you practice your cutting skills to cut some shapes and make a shape train. Don’t forget to upload the pictures to Tapestry.


People and Communities

Ask your grown up, have you been on a train? Where is the furthest place you have travelled to on a train? 

The World

Look at the two trains below…


One is an old steam train, the other is a modern train. Write a list about what is similar about the trains and what is different?


Can you use a iPad, phone or computer to find a picture of the fastest train in the world? 

Exploring Media and Materials

Can you use items you have in your fridge or cupboards to make a snack that looks like a train? 



Being Imaginative

Can you create a bright, colourful picture of a train using your printing skills? You can use sponges, potatoes (cut to shape) or wooden bricks. Dip the object of your choice into the paint and print it on the paper.


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