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WC:15.6.20 Boats

Welcome to a new week everyone!

This week we are continuing our topic on ‘Tremendous Travel’.

So far we have learnt about cars, trucks, trains and planes.

What do you think could be next?

Did you guess? It is boat week!

Don’t forget to post all your learning on Tapestry, we love to see what you have been learning at home.

Our focus book this week is ‘Come Away from the Water Shirley’ Click the link to watch a storyteller read the story…

Come away from the water, Shirley by John Burningham | Children's Book Read Aloud

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I can name parts of the body.

Take a large piece of paper or cardboard or even use chalk and draw around your child. Can they name the different parts of the body?

Use a post it note or paper to label the different parts.

What does each part do? Is it important? Why?

Research any parts that your child is unsure about.

Can they talk about their five senses?

Can they find things that touch, taste, smell, look, hear nice or horrible?

Perhaps draw pictures or take photos.

Communication and Language 

It’s your turn to travel the seven seas, what do you think you will see?


Will you go to the North see to see Penguins?

Or to the Mediterranean Sea to drink some coconut juice?

Talk to your family about where you would travel to on a boat.

What type of boat would you want to travel on?

Physical Development 



On your daily exercise can you find signs and road names with the letter ‘b’ how many can you spot?

What words can you think of that begin with the sound 'b'?



This week we would like to challenge you to think about all the sounds you have learnt. Can you think about the sound ‘oa’ a goat in a boat?

Write down words with the sound ‘oa’ in them such as goat, boat, float, moat, toast, coat, road.

You can have a go at putting these words into a sentence, or create your own story with some of the words.



Have a go at following the lines on the page. Hold your pencil in your best nippy grip position. Try and stay as close to the lines as possible. 



You are out at sea on your ship, you are the captain and you look out to sea and you see.....

Can you write sentences of what you saw out on your ship?

For example:

On my boat I saw a dolphin.

For a challenge can you close your eyes and listen to what you can hear?

For example:

On my boat I could hear seagulls flying above.

Maths- Number 


Can you play boat I spy? Go to the beach and see how many boats are out at sea.


Can you record this by drawing the boats you see?




Can you play boat I spy? Go to the beach and see how many boats are out at sea.


Can you record this by drawing the boats you see?


Click the link for a boat themed subtraction colour sheet...

Maths- Shape, Shape and Measure

Using 2D shapes create your own boat.

Can you name the shapes and properties?

You can use paper and cut out the shapes.

Understanding the World

People and Communities 

Play a game with you family, who’s boat can float for the longest?

Can you time this?

Who's boat can sail the furthest?

Can you measure this?


Could you work together to improve your boat and try the games again?

You can use a boat that you have at home or make one.

(See the activities listed at the bottom of the page to help you make your own boat)


The World

Could you draw what you see while sailing across the world?


Could you record the route you followed to travel from ocean to ocean?


Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using media and materials

Can you make a boat out of a sponge and duck tape?

Try and make a boat from an egg carton and see which one will sail away. Will it be the sponge boat or the egg carton boat?

Being Imaginative 

Can you build a boat fort using objects inside or outside of your home?

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