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Year 3: Woodpeckers

The children have really enjoyed starting our Predator project. They had a real treat when they were visited by Africa Alive who with the help of their smaller animals explained what life was really like to be a hunter or prey. They looked at animal skeletons and their teeth so that they could understand how animals adapt to protect themselves.



The spiny mouse , small as it is had an in built defence system of spikes so that it could reverse into it's predators!
The children were amazed when the Royal python came out see everyone. She was very friendly but had the ability to squeeze its prey so tightly that it could kill it!
The children have worked very hard on learning to write Haikus. These are three line Japanese poems which are made up of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables. We began simply by clapping out words and finished with some  fantastic pieces of writing.  
The classrooms are looking fabulous with the amazing habitat dioramas the children have created. They chose their choice of habitat and when completed allowed a predator to move in.
The children continued to be creative when they made their beautiful watercolour paintings and finished them off by adding a predator silhouette.
The children have also been busy sewing this week. They explored using blanket stitch and running stitch. They sewed around the edge to join the puppet pieces together and then attached their predator. Great jobs everyone, you remained very focused and patient to complete this activity.
Over the next few weeks we will be finding out how to create information leaflets about predators.

What a great start to the new term! Woodpeckers had a fabulous time with DR DNA watching and performing science experiments. They discovered about rocks and how water erodes them, how rocks form and even made their own. They learned how rocks can change shape and even erupted a volcano. Now we just need to wait and see if we can grow our own crystals.


We had a fabulous visit to the Marina Theatre to watch the Royal Philharmonic practice ready for their evening performance. We met some of the musicians and were able to see their instruments up close. All the children behaved beautifully and this was noticed by the organisers so well done!

Welcome Back

Autumn 1


Wow! We are so proud of how our children have come back to school and settled quickly into their learning.

The Year 3 team consists of  Mrs Ffrench, Mrs Bircham, Miss Harris and Miss Davies.

We have began the term with a fabulous Sparkling Start with the help of Gary from BBC series"The Horrible Histories"  who raced us through time and the changing shape of Britain. He showed us the evolution of cavemen , how to make fire efficiently and how this changed the world forever. With his knowledge and skills he helped the children, laugh , race, problem solve and battle their way through early history.



10.9.18 This week is set to be really exciting! 

We are pleased to be taking part in "The Body Coach "school HIT sessions every afternoon this week so the children will all need to come with a full PE as they they will get very hot and sticky! Tuesday will our first forest school and PE lesson so don't forget your wellies!  New reading books will be coming home this week. Please encourage the children to read these at home as they really do enjoy beating their scores on the book quizzes!

We also start swimming on Wednesday  where all children will need a swim hat and a one piece costume only for the girls please. A  St Margaret's staff member will be in the pool alongside the children and the sports centre staff will be on the sides of the pool. 

21.9.18 The children have been  really busy this week.We have researched stone age homes and have now discovered all the foods they used to eat.We have compared them to modern foods and not many of the children fancied eating their foods! The children have also been busy developing their handwriting and tackling lots of maths reasoning  problems where they are explaining how they came to their answers.

25.9.18 Today was a very exciting day for Year 3. The children were lucky enough to be presented with their very own copy of a picture dictionary from the Lowestoft Rotary Club. Each one was individually named and presented in person. 

28.9.18 This week has been art week and the children have been creating artwork inspired by music! They have used materials that cave men were known to use, charcoal, clay and paint to draw patterns and shapes in response to the stimulus of music. The children were awarded focus awards and the whole class achieved one ! 
1.10.18 This week we have been finding out the clothes cave people wore.The children were preparing for their Horrible History programme where some children are looking forward to being the actors!

8.10.18 The children have been busy planning their Horrible History Production and have began work on their song for their music video! They have also been practicing their ICT skills ready for filming . They have enjoyed working with a partner on their programming skills using Scratch Junior.


15.10.18 Family cafe was a very busy one. Thank you to all who were able to attend. We had some really positive feedback and have now changed  our maths homework as a direct result of your comments! The challenges set were aimed at showing the parents how we deepen the children's understanding through more open ended activities.


29.10.18 Welcome back , we hope you had a relaxing half term. We begin this half term with parents evening Tuesday and Wednesday where we will be sharing the key information we have collected this half term. The year 3 team look forward to meeting with you. 



2.11.18 - What a great week back. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend parent meetings this week. If you could not come and would like a chat please let us know. This week has been busy with the children writing their own story based on Stone Age Boy and finding out about Harvest around the world. Maths next week will be based on multiplication so get your PIXL times table app ready for a bit of practice! 

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