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Year 4: Finches

Welcome to Year 4: Finches!


Come and have a look at our fantastic learning...


This term, for our sparkling start, we had a fantastic visit from Ninneous. He time travelled from Ancient Greece to spark our curiosity for the Topic. We started off the day by collaboratively finding out different information about the history of Ancient Greece.
Then we were extremely excited to be involved in the retelling of the great war between Athens and Sparta...

During the afternoon, we enjoyed playing a classic Ancient Greece game which is similar to draughts. We also put our problem solving skills  to the test when working out how to place different pieces into the giant jigsaw. We found out there was more than one possibility too!

Finally, we ended the day with hosting our very own Olympic games!


Here is a selection of our writing and maths that followed on from our Ancient Greek day....


(following shortly)



This week in Maths we have been learning to multiply large numbers. To help us with counting in sevens, we have been singing (and marching) to Sgt Seven! We LOVE this song and it definitely helps us count in 7s.


In Literacy and Language we have learnt how to write a play. Firstly we all learnt the actions to The Fly and the Fool by Lou Kuenzler, then we mapped out the play and discussed key features. Once we had done that, we boxed up the play (this important so we are clear on the structure when we write our own). We had lots of discussion and also did some acting. Finally, we were ready to write... we all had so many ideas we couldn't wait to write our own!
(Video coming soon)



Sgt Seven

This is the Sgt Seven song we use to learn our seven times tables. Join in... you know you want to!

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