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Year 4: Swifts



This term, our topic has been plants. We conducted an experiment to see which variable a plant could survive without; water, sunlight or air. The children made their predictions on the background reading we had completed in our guided comprehension sessions. To find out the results, you can ask Swifts.


In Literacy and Language we have been following the story of Sugarcane Juice. The story is about a young boy called Hamid, who works for his father, selling sugarcane juice at a stall in a busy bus station in Pakistan. We used the story for the basis of our writing this term and wrote a biography for Hamid’s father, Abba, and wrote our own version of the story.



This term, for our sparkling start, we had a fantastic visit from Ninneous. He travelled back in time from Ancient Greece to spark our curiosity for the topic. We started off the day by collaboratively finding out different information about the history of Ancient Greece. 
Next, we were extremely excited to be involved in the retelling of the great war between Athens and Sparta!

During the afternoon, we enjoyed playing a classic Ancient Greece game which is similar to draughts. We also put our problem-solving skills  to the test when working out how to place different pieces into the giant jigsaw. 


Finally, we ended the day with hosting our very own Olympic games!

Welcome to Year 4: Swifts!



In our first half-term in Swifts, we have been exploring different types of skeletons (endoskeletons and exoskeletons).  We were lucky enough to have a visit from Sam from Africa Alive, who brought in a variety of animals such as a snake (endoskeleton) and a Madagascar hissing cockroach (exoskeleton).  The class were able to hold each animal and were even shown the skull of a lion. After this visit, Swifts were able to competently sort an array of different animals into the two skeleton types. The children have also researched skeletons in great detail using a variety of websites found via Google during our computing sessions and are beginning to look at the different types of muscles found in the human body.


In maths we have been multiplying multi-digit numbers together using the grid method and column method. We have also been working really hard on our times tables during our mental maths lessons and quizzing each other to improve our recall time. The end of year expectation from the National Curriculum is that children in year 4 know all of the 1-12 times tables. 

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