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The Eagles have had a fantastic first half term settling into their new classroom and getting used to learning and working hard in Year 5!

The Eagles' Family Reading cafe was on the 22.09.2015. We had a great turn out and had a lot of fun exploring the use of diagrams in an inventive and imaginative way. We read the book 'Until I Met Dudley' together, and used it as our stimulus to create a labelled diagram of an imagination-inspired machine, filled with frozen penguins and munching pigs!
Picture 1 Eagles Family Cafe Aut_1 2015
Picture 2 Eagles Family Cafe Aut_1 2015
Picture 3 Eagles Family Cafe Aut_1 2015
Picture 4 Eagles Family Cafe Aut_1 2015
Picture 5 Eagles Family Cafe Aut_1 2015
Our RE week was a successful module, filled with lots of drama, performances and writing. We had a lot of fun exploring the key concepts of Christianity, and then exploring these concepts into a modern-day scenario through the use of drama.
Picture 1 Exploring RE through drama
Picture 2 Exploring RE through drama
Picture 3 Exploring RE through drama
Picture 4 Exploring RE through drama
Picture 5 Exploring RE through drama
In Maths, we have been exploring our concrete interpretations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and angles. We have been specifically focusing on our consolidated understanding of using formal written methods in column addition and subtraction, and we are beginning to explore multiplication using the same concrete resources.
We had so much fun exploring the use of ICT during learning time! We have been creating Horatian Ode poems all about the Iceni Tribe and the Roman Empire, and on Tuesday the 13.10.2015, Ricky Tart came in and showed us how to use the iPads to their full potential during learning. We developed a rap and performed it on the playground, the Eagles being the Roman army and the Marsh Harriers being the Iceni Tribe! The outcome was fantastic!

What a WonderfuWorld!

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their spring topic, in which they have learned all about the evolution, adaptation and the features of the beautiful and diverse wildlife around us. On a wonderfully sunny day during the Spring term, the Eagles walked down to Gunton Woods and explored their surroundings with nothing but a clipboard and their senses! We observed, we felt, we listened and we smelled the Earth and the air around us; it was a wonderful day!





Engineering at East Point Academy


The Eagles have absolutely loved visiting East Point Academy to attend 3 engineering workshops held in the Lego Studio! Whilst working collaboratively, the pupils have been following step-by-step guides to build their own electronically-powered theme park rides with Lego. The children completed the task with determination and persistence, and really rose to the challenge! 

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