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Physical Education

Sporting Fixtures:

This academic year we have entered different tournaments that our school has never participated in before such as Cross Country and Tchoukball.

We have already had great success in our tournaments and competitions this academic year.

Winning the REAch2 year 6 Football tournament.

Winning the REAch2 year 2 Dodgeball tournament.

Winning the REAch2 year 4 Dodgeball tournament.

Runners up in the Skittleball tournament.


Upcoming Events

-Sports Relief Week

-Sports Day

-Secret Fundraising event in Summer term 2


Upcoming Tournaments

REAch2 KS1 Kick Rounders – 19th May

Year 5 Football – 20th April

Year 3 Kwik Cricket – 4th May

Year 5 Rounders –15th May

Year 6 Kwik Cricket – 6th June

REAch2 Year 4 Rounders – 12th June

REAch2 Year 6 Rounders – 12th June

Year 4 Athletics – 13th June

Quad Kids- 19th June

Year 6 Rounders – 27th June


Sporting Success:

Last academic year we entered 11 out of 22 North Lowestoft Primary School’s competitions and 6 out of 6 REAch2 Tournaments involving

We tried 6 new activities:

VX – 168 children

Boccia After School Club – 20 children

La Crosse – 168 children

Archery – 168 children

Orienteering – 315 children

Climbing Wall – 193 children

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