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At St Margaret’s Primary Academy, we aim to provide children with a wide range of sports and opportunities which fits in with our school beliefs, ‘simply making possibilities achievable’.

Some of the sports we provide for our children are:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Games (football, basketball, rounders, hockey, cricket, tag rugby)
  • Box 2B Fit
  • Athletics
  • Team Building
  • Regular visits to Waterlane Leisure Centre to go swimming
  • Regular visits to Waterlane Leisure Centre to use the gym

We also provide lunch time game competitions where children have the opportunity to compete against class mates to be the highest scoring boy/girl in their class.


We aim to achieve 100% of children to take part in at least one extra curriculum activity throughout the academic year whether it’s one lunch time game or regular participation in after school clubs.

The children at St Margaret’s Primary Academy are our main priority. During P.E we look at meeting each child’s individual needs, helping to progress each individuals performance and ability levels further. The children will also get the opportunity to take on some leadership roles during their P.E lessons, this is a great opportunity to improve and work on them being resilient, reflective, responsible, curious, collaborative and creative.


Gym classes

Gym classes 1
Gym classes 2
Gym classes 3
Gym classes 4

Sports rewards


Here at St Margaret’s we like to reward our children when they work exceptionally well in their P.E lessons, so we have introduced Sports Awards. Sports awards may be achieved by displaying great attitude and behaviour in P.E lessons, displaying outstanding performance or achieving one of the many goals set in P.E lessons and after school clubs. Sports Awards are graded as follows:


5 sports awards = Bronze certificate and medal

10 sports award= Silver certificate and medal

15 or more sports awards = Gold certificate and medal


Individual certificates to be given for each sports award.

Last year was when sports awards first got introduced and throughout the year, children showed improvements in behaviour and overall performance levels. This reward system has helped encourage and motivate children to achieve more in their P.E lessons and after school clubs; we don’t see any reason why this will not have the same affect this year.

Lunch and after school clubs


We provide lunch time game competitions where children get the opportunity to compete against class mates to be the highest scoring boy/girl in their class. A few of the lunch time games we provide are skipping, speed bounce, throwing and aiming, kwik cricket, rebound net, 4 square, vortex howler, boxing pads and many more.

As well as lunch time games we provide each year groups with a range of after school clubs, some of which work towards tournaments. A few of the after school clubs we provide our dodgeball, football, basketball, hockey, athletics, rounders, tag rugby, matball, skittleball, cross country, roller skating and many more.


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